Selma Blair chosen as new face of Chanel

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  1. Selma Blair chosen as new face of Chanel
    by Sam Matthews Brand Republic 2 Dec 2005


    Blair: new face of Chanel
    LONDON – 'Cruel Intentions' actress Selma Blair has been signed up to be the new face of Chanel.

    Blair has been shot by Chanel's chief designer Karl Lagerfeld for the series of print ads promoting the the fashion house's new range of sunglasses, Chanel Vision.

    Blair, who also starred in 'The Sweetest Thing' alongside Cameron Diaz, is frequently snapped wearing Chanel frocks and even chose Lagerfeld to design her wedding dress last year.

    She also confesses to be a fan of the enigmatic designer and photographer.

    "I have a lovely relationship with Karl. It's different to be shot by him. I'm so comfortable in front of him. Sometimes when I work with other photographers, they say, 'Give me more Selma, more, more.'

    "But they don't really know who I am. With Karl, he's capturing something that's more -- my personal flaws, the way I am as a girl, not a model," the actress told Women's Wear Daily.

    Blair is currently filming 'Purple Violets' with 'Saving Private Ryan' actor Ed Burns and 'Will and Grace' star Debra Messing.

    The actress joins a long list of high-profile stars to feature in Chanel campaigns including 'Moulin Rouge' and 'The Others' star Nicole Kidman, who was the face of Chanel No 5 in the most expensive ad to date, directed by Baz Luhrmann, and supermodel Kate Moss.

    The Chanel Vision ads are to be unveiled next year.


    I really like Selma Blair! ;) I loved Hellboy! That was a very cool movie! :biggrin:
  2. She fits chanel perfectly! Happy for her.
  3. I used to like Selma Blair - UNTIL - I saw her on one of the late night shows (don't remember if it was Leno, Letterman or Conan O'Brien). Anyhow, I was flabbergasted at how she conducted herself -- so high & mighty, snooty, CONCEITED (unbelievably so) and "room-to-rent" (e.g., the elevator may reach the top floor, but there's NO ONE HOME!!!!). I was so turned off by that, that from this point on ... if she "represents" something, count me out!

    PS: Quite honestly, she seemed like a dark-haired version of Paris Hilton - UGGH :sick: :cry: !!!!!!!!
  4. i don't know about selma blair. did anyone see legally blonde? she was the new girifriend right? so when reese witherspoon was dressed up as a playboy bunny outfit, she walks up to selma blair and says, "oh nice outfit but whenever i dress up as a rich ***** i try not to look so constipated." soemthing like that. so that's what i think of selma whenever i see her~! oh poor chanel... lol.
  5. She is soooo not Chanel to me. And if Coco was alive she'd put that snotty bia in her place!!!! Coco was the ULTIMATE Bia on Wheels! And if you look into her biography you find out that she took NO crap!!!! Not even off of young "starletts". They were scared of her.
  6. So they went from Nicole Kidman to Selma Blair? Definite downgrade.
  7. I have mixed feelings about this, but I'd say they are more positive than negative. The choice could have been worse.
  8. Or better like Kim Cattrell.
  9. i actually like selma blair, i saw her on one of the late night shows (lol probably a different interview than the one that CeeJay saw) and she seemed very funny and down to earth. ahh, i guess we all have our good and bad days, but i do think she's very pretty.
  10. Yeah, I used to think she was pretty too ... but MAN ... she thinks she's BEAUTIFUL (she said as much on the show - how "everyone" in school hated her because she was so beautiful, BLA BLA BLA BARF :sick: BARF :sick: CACK :cry: CACK :cry: ... oooops :shame: ... Hairball!!!).

    Then she proceeds on to a story about some shopping expedition with her mother, and how her mother was such a "biatch" because she wouldn't buy her (Selma) the latest & greatest expensive whatever. She has no respect for anyone. Just goes to show you that Frank Zappa's kid must have been breathing in a lot of the ganja smoke before he married this one! Yeesh ...
  11. Rachel Bilson would be pretty, IMO. I guess she's not a big enough name...
  12. Call me weird but I think Nicole Richie would have been a cuter pick though...

    I still think Selma Blair is cool. Sometimes there are days when women want to act like a Diva. But not most of the time...But sometimes. hehe
  13. Kim Catrall is a great choice for anything. I really love that woman, ever since Mannequin!

    I'd like to see Sally Field do more promo work, because I want to know her secret for looking so damn good!

    Selma Blair, for me, is in the same boat as Chloe Sevigny - I just don't get why people think they are so fashionable. They always look like trainwrecks.
  14. I could see Chloe Sevigny or Misha Barton more than I would imagine Selma Blair to be the face of Chanel.

  15. I love Nicole, actually she is the new Jimmy Choo girl!!! Cant wait to see her in those ads.