selma blair bag/woven caviar leather opinions

  1. what do you think of this bag that selma is carrying? would you consider it timeless? it's basically woven caviar leather, with silver cc (can't be seen) drop. is it too boring?
    selma blair.jpg
  2. It's not doing much for me, but then again, it's not all that easy to see. I only had one woven leather bag (not Chanel, a Bottega) and I found that all those "edges" of the woven pieces, got very shabby looking, quite quickly.
    I've been turned off woven leather bags (for myself anyway) ever since. OTOH, caviar woven leather might hold up better. :smile:
  3. OT, but look at her hair!!! I DO NOT like it!!
  4. selma is scary!!!
  5. Haha, exactly... my eyes immediately went to her peroxide disaster do and not the bag... IMO, not very flattering at all (and proof that NOT everyone looks better as a blonde)! Hmm... and the bag doesn't do much for me (although I'm not really a big woven leather fan)... a clearer picture might help though! :smile:

  6. Can't tell much about the bag - but seems the hair is the real ladies are funny.:roflmfao:
  7. the more i look at the bag, it doesn't scream chanel, more bottega, which is fine, i love both, but i'd rather a bag that has distinction for chanel. the reason i ask is that there are two i belive woven caviar bags on eBay for sale, one is pink and the other is black like selma's. both look pretty in pictures, but i wasn't sure about whether the bag looks chanel or not. so overall nay? does anyone own (other than bottega) this woven style from chanel?
  8. OT: What the hell did she do to her hair?!?!?!? It looks weird on her!!
  9. The hair is worse than the bag!:yucky:
  10. I have this bag in pink and I love it! It's soft and slouchy and can hold quite a bit. I think it's timeless. The style is from two years ago and I think it looks fresh for this summer.

    I agree with Aimee3 that worn edges would look nasty, but so far the caviar is holding up nicely.
  11. I think the bag is pretty timeless.
    It's not a bag that appeals to me much, I prefer BV over this one. No, to me it doesn't scream Chanel.
  12. That's basically a petite shopper with leather trims but woven canvas (like the SAK brand bags) they get dirty really easily! I had a pink SAK bag and it got dirty quickly.
    I wouldn't buy this bag just for the durability issue.
  13. I don't like woven leather bag. That bag screams BV.
  14. I like Selma's hair, but it would look better dark. I like the bag too, but can't see too much of it.
  15. As long as we're dishing on Selma's hair, all I can say is if she's going to keep her hair that color, someone better tell her to lighten her eyebrows. I don't care for blonde hair with black eyebrows! :roflmfao: