sellwer with suspended account


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Aug 7, 2007
Orange County
3 weeks ago I bought a couple of magazine subscriptions from superior_subscriptions on ebay (very good feedback and recommended by many tpf-er) but I recently got an email from ebay telling me the seller's account has been suspended. I searched my summary and wasn't able to even find this purchase listed under it. Does this mean my purchase was cancelled?
If it doesn't, should I give the seller the benefit of a doubt and wait it out? I know magazine subscriptions take 4-8 week but I also know paypal has that 45 day policy. I'm a ebay newbie so any advice will be greatly appreciated!:flowers: Thanks -Amy
Nov 20, 2007
I think there was a thread on this topic recently. I think you could start to open a claim with paypal. In the event Paypal rules in your favor and you do receive the items, you can always pay them back.