sellwer with suspended account

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  1. 3 weeks ago I bought a couple of magazine subscriptions from superior_subscriptions on ebay (very good feedback and recommended by many tpf-er) but I recently got an email from ebay telling me the seller's account has been suspended. I searched my summary and wasn't able to even find this purchase listed under it. Does this mean my purchase was cancelled?
    If it doesn't, should I give the seller the benefit of a doubt and wait it out? I know magazine subscriptions take 4-8 week but I also know paypal has that 45 day policy. I'm a ebay newbie so any advice will be greatly appreciated!:flowers: Thanks -Amy
  2. I think there was a thread on this topic recently. I think you could start to open a claim with paypal. In the event Paypal rules in your favor and you do receive the items, you can always pay them back.
  3. Sellers can have suspended accounts for several reasons, including nonpayment of eBay fees. File a PP claim and see what happens. Good luck!!