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  1. Hi. I wonder if any of you guys have any experience with selling jewellery/diamonds to jewellery buyers? If so, what is the process like and what can I expect?

    tia! :supacool:
  2. no, but we buy ours direct from a guy that does!
  3. Expect to be ripped off. Seriously! Rule of thumb is to expect around 25% or less of what you paid for the item.

    If you're really interested in selling and getting a fair price, put your items up for sale at a reputable consignment shop. You'll come out much better.
  4. I'm going to get some quotes this weekend. If I do sell it, do I get cash or a cheque?
  5. it depends where you sell it.. usually a cheque in my mom's case when she has sold some of her jewellery but thats only because they didnt have enough cash to pay her off..
  6. how much do you guys think i can get for a 20,000.00 ring?
  7. $20K? I am not you have a buyer/jeweler that you are pretty familiar with?
  8. The 20k may or may not have been a fair price for the ring, i.e. was it marked up a little or a lot? But good luck.
  9. Nope. First time buyer and seller actually :/ do you think I can get at least 13-15k for it?
  10. take it to get appraised first. because usually when you pay 20k for a ring its not WORTH 20k :sad: