1. I have a question about selling. I recently was given a pair Manolos as a gift and never tried them on. They're a tid too small and it's been too long to take them back. If I sell them on eBay, will I get a good price for them?
  2. It's hard to say. Sometimes you see a big difference in final sale price in auctions for identical items. You can improve your chances by using good quality close-up photos and having a well written description in your listing. Since you can't wear the shoes anyway, you may as well sell them for whatever you can get.
  3. Some styles are coveted and others are not. So it really depends on the style. Simple black pumps are usually timeless so you may get a fair price for them. Flats, IMO don't sell for as much. Of course, there is Sedaraby (Sex & the City shoes!) which is super-coveted and you might even make a profit on that!
  4. I sold a 10 yr old pair of Manolos for $175.00 without even trying. They were in great condition, gently worn, they just did not fit after 3 kids, so I put them up, one of the 1st items I ever sold. Start the bidding low, take good clear pictures and measurements. Mine were a size 37.5, very popular size, black pumps.
    Good luck
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll probably put them up on eBay tomorrow.
  6. I usually set my starting price on my pre-loved Manolos at $99. But I'm not too hard on my shoes and almost always I have the original box. These are things that people look for sometimes in listings.