Selling your Louis Vuitton

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  1. #1 Jun 21, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 21, 2016
    Hello everyone! I am new to the purse forum. I am a fan of Louis Vuitton. xxx Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. It's extremely difficult to sell on eBay if your feedback number is low. People are very leary of sellers on there. It's critical that you make an exceptionally fantastic draft with lots of pictures. Make sure to photograph all the details, hardware, all sides, the inside, date code, "made in" tag and any marks, or faults. Your other choice is to hit the secondary market sellers, but they'll offer you 50-60% of it's sale value. Both have their drawbacks. It's really all about the time you have to invest in selling and how much risk you are willing to take. Good luck! I hope you find a buyer :smile:
  3. Have you tried Fashonphile or Yoogi's closet?
  4. I have not! Is this a consignment?
  5. just keep it listed for the price you want unless you're desperate to sell it. many people won't buy lv or higher-end bags from overseas resellers and look specifically for US/Europe instead. i don't think it's a problem, just make your price competitive and wait. high-end bags take a long time sell, generally, especially on ebay.
  6. Direct sale or consignment.
    But keep in mind they need to make a profit so it won't be as high as if you sold on your own.
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    I think the ebay route will be best option if you want to get the most money out of your bag although with all those horror scam stories it can be kinda unsafe to sell there. I usually check the bidder's history and the feedbacks they received and left for others. Also you might have to wait awhile for you item to sell depending on the price you list it for. It took me 4 months to sell a brand new Sarah wallet close to retail price with my feedback under 30 but at the end I was very satisfied with the transaction and happy to get rid of the wallet
  8. I sell on eBay all the time but through fixed price with BIN as opposed to auction. In the description listing, I make sure to bold and underline immediate payment only. I have better success that way and usually sell items within couple days of listing. I tend to include receipt which of course increased probability of sale. Good luck on your sales!
  9. I do the same thing! I don't want the hassle and wait time of an auction so I do fixed price BIN. It's so easy too. I just recently started including the receipt and that has really made a difference.

    eBay definitely seems to be the best way get the most for your money, if done right. I sold a wallet in less than 10 minutes for $300 that a consignment store offered me $175 to buy. The same for a key holder and a Prada handbag.

    I think eBay users don't mind a seller who has lower feedback (I have like 78 on eBay) if they are someone who appears to be selling from their personal collection. I feel like buyers are OK with my lower feedback because they can check my history and see I sell Manolos, Jimmy Choos, Louboutains, LV, Prada, etc. every few months and realize that it's all from my personal collections rotating items in/out.
  10. I also think Ebay is the best way to sell. I agree with what the others have to say. I always use BIN and I'm willing to add best offer and have some room to discuss discounting some. Always include the receipt if you have it. I know for me it is important to accept returns especially for very expensive pieces. It's hard to tell through photos. You can always change that once you have built up your score. I have noticed that those with a zero score they will sell their first item as an auction with no reserve and it risky, but your item will sell. Maybe try it on a not so expensive piece to see what happens then go to BIN. I think the three best things that work for me is to give the receipt, decrease the price a bit, and offer a return policy, best of luck to you.
  11. I've had great experience selling LV on Tradesy.
  12. I'm very leary of eBay. I've been screwed twice. Last year I sold an iPhone as is; took tons of pictures and indicated no returns. After the buyer receives the phone he puts in a dispute saying the motherboard wasn't the original; even though it was. So according to eBay even though I sold as is and listed no returns I had to refund the money. I had to give back the money and the buyer shipped me back the iPhone in non working condition with a broken motherboard. So just wanted to let anyone know that sellers have little recourse if someone wants to scam them.
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  13. This is def what scares me about selling anything on EBay... All the scammers.
  14. #14 Jul 12, 2016
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    OMG. that's awful! Before I sell any high-end merchandise or electronics I take a picture, besides a video to protect myself. I can't believe that!! I feel so bad for you. That's really messed up!
  15. I sell on eBay as I want the most money out of my bags. I've had good experiences selling 2 LV bags and other lesser expensive bags.

    What I find helps
    1. Build up your seller feedback score. So sell some cheaper items first
    2. Post as many focused clear pictures as eBay allows! This will save you time later on
    3. Find the receipt, dust bag, textile card etc This will help you get a better price
    3. Write a good clear description with dot points. What is it? Why are you selling it? What's the condition? Disclaimer re no returns so ask questions before bidding/paying. Predict any other questions and answer them in the listing
    4. Buy it now with best offer for a slightly higher price to give you room to come down. Ebay buyers see, to love best offer. You will get low offers and be ready to turn people down.
    5. Wait for ebay promotions. I got a lot before 30 June! Where I was able to sell items for $3 final fee which was awesome.

    Anyways happy selling! I find Aussie buyers on eBay pretty friendly.
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