Selling your Balenciaga

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  1. Where do you recommend a good place to sell some of my bags apart from ebay?
    I am in the UK
  2. I agree with mere girl.
  3. Thanks..I will give them a try.:smile:
  4. Definitely I've sold and bought through them and they are excellent.
  5. ASOS Marketplace. Its. Free to list, and only a fee for sale. Cheaper then ebay, and listing doesnt seem to expire till its sold or you take it down.
  6. Just to say thanks girls for that. It wasn't my thread, but your info has been really useful to me too!!
  7. And about in USA? Trying to sell my classic city balenciaga in great condition on ebay, posh and mercari but no success yet ! Need to sell asap! Thank you

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  8. There are just too many on the market, even the HG bags don't sell fast...
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  9. I sold my baby on poshmark today for $600 but the 20% fee that they charged me is so ridiculous that I almost changed my mind and keep it! I want the coach rogue tea rose, is why i sold it but my blue and burgundy balenciagas I wont sell for anything

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  10. That's usually the reason I sell something too...there's something else I want more!
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  11. 20% is still not too bad, others would take 40-50%!!
  12. That is crazy I was hoping sell it on ebay, they charge 10% fee only. Oh well..

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  13. Just received a quote from a online reseller to sell a few Bal bags that I don't use anymore. Wow, can't believe how worthless the bags have become... $300 for a bag only used 2-3x. Not even sure if it's worth selling at this price point:frown:

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  14. Even in a depressed market you'll almost always do better selling on your own...