Selling your bags

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  1. Is anyone else having a hard time selling your unwanted Chanel bags (or other brands) on ebay/craigslist? Just curious. :shrugs:
  2. Yes, unfortunately it's a sign of the (economic) times.
  3. Ebay's changing rules towards designer brands is not exactly helping....
  4. I've never been able to bring myself to part with any of my bags. There are some I rarely wear but still won't consider selling them.
  5. ^^ Nope since my transition into CHANEL, I had to institute a one in/one out policy.

    Forces me to really think about it!!!
  6. I am having the same problem

  7. I second that :cursing:
  8. Not really. If I no longer love the bag, I just give it to my mom, lol. I used to take them to consignment stores but didn't get much money out of them so the best place for my unloved bags rest with my mom.
  9. What's happening on ebay with designer brands?

    The economic times -- it's going to continue and many financial analysts say it's here to stay; don't expect to see double digit earnings from most investments. Outsourcing, a war resulting in a deficit that gives me lockjaw and chokes my brain was just the beginning. Will baby boomers be able to retire with the downward spiral on Wall Street? But this is the purse forum so the station break is done and back to regular programming. . .
  10. If you lower your asking price, which is hard to do, I know,:cry: it may go...

    I have a 'one in, one out' policy as well and in order for things to sell, I have to lose money on the sale.
  11. To make things worse, eBay is drastically increasing the FVF to 12% effective 9/15. If your bag is not selling, now is the time to lower the price a bit.
  12. ^:wtf::cursing:
  13. #13 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    I had no idea it was increasing that much! That's just plain ridiculous....:cursing:

    ETA: I just checked out the new structure... Actually the 12% is only on the first $50; 9% on $50.01 - $1000; and 2% on $1000.01+.
    But, if my calculations are right - lets say I sell a $2000 bag. The old FVF would have been $52.63.... the new FVF will be $111.50!!!

    Please someone tell me I was wrong?! Then take out Paypals cut & what are you left with?!
  14. witty, so witty!
  15. Why in our capitalistic society is not another entity rising up to compete with ebay!!! I have stopped accepting paypal just on principle alone. I can wait for a m.o. or a check to clear. It's just my way of -- I so want to say flipping them off (oops I just did). It's the rebel with or without a cause in me that will put my brain in gear to negotiate something fair for each side, seller and buyer.