Selling with receipt

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  1. Can anyone who has previously sold anything and included the original receipt did you cut out or black out your name and address off the receipt before sending it off?
  2. I left my name and address on receipt, but it's ok to blackout the receipt. I felt comfortable with the buyers when I sent LV receipt. The two items I sold with receipts were very limited edition in excellent condition and they paid more than retail price.
  3. I do black out my personal info such as phone number and address. However, I never include the original receipt but its copy. It's worth to keep the original because if you need to file an insurance claim, they will require the original receipt as proof of value. You can always get an official copy from LV, but it is an additional hassle IMO.
  4. I've always had LV reprint my receipt, kept the original for insurance purposes, and blacked out all of my personal information on the duplicate before sending it with the purse.
  5. I don't black out anything on the receipt because it's not anything they aren't getting on the shipping label anyway (my name/address).
  6. I have always blacked out personal info and sales associate info. I am really paranoid about an unknown buyer having my personal info - just my personal hangup...i am probably more paranoid than most people...
  7. +1.

  8. I always black out all my personal info on the receipt.
  9. Thanks for all the quick responses, do you send the original or a photo copy, I don't live anywhere near a store so I'm not able to ask for a copy
  10. Exactly.

  11. I always give them the original with my name blacked out. If I ever need it again, I ask the store to print me out a new one. HTH
  12. The item i just sold was in person, but i did not have the receipt (it was a gift years ago so im not sure i ever did, too long to remember). however, if i did have it i would black out info and send a copy
  13. I sent them the original receipt and just made a copy. I knew they keep the LV item and had a good feeling the buyers were not out to scam me.
  14. I send the original and cut out personal info. I like to let my buyers know to be comfortable to send their items to LV in the future for any future repairs. It builds confidence for a smooth transaction...and I've been selling for years without any major issues.
  15. Actually, I've never sold any items with the receipt. If they asked, I'd probably give them the copy with my info cut out.... Unless I had another item on it that I still owned. I keep receipts for insurance purposes since I live in an apartment... I'd like my money back if any of it ever gets stolen...
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