Selling with PayPal outside of eBay: What are the risks?

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  1. #1 Jul 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
    Someone contacted me on eBay offering me a lower price than I was willing to take on eBay because of the insane fees, so I directed her to my Bonanzle listing, where I have more room to negotiate.

    The buyer said it was okay to just send her a PP invoice for the amount she was offering.

    I did and she paid immediately. The shipping address she indicated was not her verified address, but to someone with the same last name as hers (in my city).

    Following my gut, I went ahead and sent the shoes this morning, with insurance and signature confirmation. I've also already transfered the money out of my PP account. Am I still at risk?

    The buyer has a long history on eBay with no seemingly bad transactions as a buyer, but it's so hard to tell these days.

    I tried to search but did not have luck, though I'm SURE this question or similar has been discussed.

    If you know of an existing thread where I can find my answer, please feel free to provide. :flowers:
  2. I think you will be fine TBH....the risk you run if selling outside of ebay using PP is that the buyer can file an INR but since you have added sig. conf. and tracking you should be fine, I hope you did purchase insurance?. Next time you might want to send an invoice picking the option "service" then there is nothing much the buyer can do as far as I know.

  3. did you send it to a different address than paypal provided then ?
  4. #4 Jul 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
    Thanks for your input, lovely. I did buy insurance for the full amount of the item price. I did not choose service. I specified Goods. :Push:

    LadyIsobel, I used an unconfirmed address from the PayPal payment page. They say I'm "partially eligible" for Seller Protection.
  5. When PP says you are only partially covered, that could mean trouble...keep us posted. Anything sent to unconfirmed address is risky. Hope this goes smoothly.
  6. ^ITA, I hope this goes ok. My only concern would not be on receipt of package, but someone claiming it was an unauthorized charge.
  7. Is it helpful that she did an Instant Payment rather than CC?
  8. Don't know if instant payment means anything, but this will probably be fine. We hear so many horror stories on here, you're right to be paranoid;) Keep us posted.
    PS you can check out FB history
  9. Thank you, everyone.
    I am getting paranoid reading all the horror stories!

    I just called PayPal, and they said despite the site saying I was only Partially Protected, that I am actually Fully Protected. I took the rep's name and ID # just in case.
    Phew! I've got to start being more aware BEFORE sending out packages. :Push:

    I really appreciate all of you taking the time to offer guidance. :flowers:
  10. I think that if anything, using PayPal outside of Ebay will give you the upperhand and take away the buyer's protection for anything other than INR.

    I can't see any bad in this, unless you're planning to scam the poor girl :graucho:
  11. I think you will be fine.. if you are so worried cant you just unlink your bank account to prevent any money taken out due to a charge back or something ?
  12. I think it will all be fine. They said I'm covered as long as I got signature confirmation, which I did.

    Choo :P Never!
  13. I have an item on eBay that someone just offered less for, and I would also like to direct her to my Bonanzle listing so I can offer the discount there (since I can't afford to do it on eBay with all the fees). To the OP - or anyone else who might know - how would I be able to do this without eBay flagging the message? The potential buyer contacted me through the eBay message system and I was going to respond through the same. We both have good feedback and I don't want to risk anything...

    Thanks for your help!
  14. I think if you don't put a hyperlink in your ebay email it should be OK? Like I would mention Bonanzle and your seller ID there, but don't put in an actual link. It would be preferable to just email the buyer, unless she kept the email hidden.