Selling used handbags?

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  1. Ladies,

    I need your help.. After some thought, I think I have a bunch of used handbags that I needed to sell... It's been in my closet for a long time but I haven't used it. I don't think I have all the original receipt. So

    1) What should I have to re-sell my bag?

    2) Where can I re-sell my bag other than ebay, which I don't trust and I don't think people do in general?

  2. Depends on the condition and the brand. I use a reliable resale shop here in NYC (where are you located?). Most big cities have such places. Your net take is about 50% of their sale price but you should have some say (not much) into what they price the stuff at. You don't want it so pricey that no one wants it but you don't want it so cheap that you make nothing. You need a shop that has a good variety of what you are selling so the clientele is right.

    I also just sold something to She really only sells 'hot' bags in new condition, but you might have something that qualifies. My % take from her is better than at consignment.

    I DO NOT sell on eBay! I just don't want to be bothered with dealing with the customers. I used to work in retail and I stayed in my office and away from the customers. Not my strength or my interest.
  3. Thanks Issmom...
  4. Wellow.....I know you love spy bags....My SA called me tonight and said he is getting the WISTERIA spybag in January!!!!! I am soooooo excited, he said he is getting it in honey and white!!!!!!
  5. I would reconsider eBay - it's your best chance to reach a worldwide audience.

    I know a lot of people don't trust eBay (and for good reason), but I've bought and sold many items the past couple years and have been quite lucky to have many pleasant experiences.
  6. I also would reconsider ebay. I have sold many purses for more than I bought them for even used. I have been lucky with the buyers I have sold to. I have also bought a fair amount and have never been disatisfied. People do actually check ebay for purses if you watch how people bid and the number of hits there are on popular brands.
  7. If you do use eBay to sell your purses, make sure to "sign" all of your pictures so that unscrupulous folks don't try to use them. I would also suggest looking at eBay (look at the same types of bags that you are interested in selling) to get an idea of what they do (e.g., prices, pictures, text - don't copy it though, etc.).

    Unfortunately, the more pictures that you put up, the most eBay charges you. Also, if you 'bold' or 'highlight' your Auction Title, eBay charges you. Last, but not least, eBay will assess you a fee if the item is sold and if you use Paypal, they will take a cut there as well (I know some folks who ONLY take Certified Checks/Money Orders or Personal Checks with a 7-10 day clearing period to avoid the Paypal fee).

    I'm probably going to be putting up some bags on eBay in the near future, and will do the same research. In some respects, I'm loathe to do it because there are SO many fakes on eBay now that the sellers who have authentic goods get inundated with questions, etc.

    I have also sold to Jemznjewels - Rachel is great!
  8. Tell me about your transaction with Rachel! I just sent her one bag, she's put it on her site but I don't know what to expect next... What did you give her? Did she buy it or take it on consignment? How long did it take to sell?
  9. Actually, I had sold her a piece of Jewelry (Tiffany - Paloma Picasso large gold link bracelet).

    Rachel was fantastic ... paid extremely promptly and didn't try to 'screw' me (like so many of the other dealers tried to). She paid a fair market price. I just found her to be very pleasant and honest.

    If I remember correctly, she had someone who was interested in the piece, that's why she bought it outright.
  10. I second that.. I have sold some of mine on ebay and it works just put a reserve on it for how much you think you should get and if it goes for lower than you can wither choose to or choose not to sell it -- plus people look for people like you on ebay with AUTHENTIC merchandise.
  11. But I don't think I have the reciept or something to authenticate the bag I think... I usually lose it within a few weeks after purchasing it :sad:
  12. For some bags, you just have to make sure to take lots of photos of places where fake bags are likely to look not so great. So for instance, that would be the Louis Vuitton stamp on Louis bags, or the riri zippers on Marc Jacobs bags. Also, for Louis bags, there are a number of authentication services online, it may help your sales immensely if you offer to foot someone's bill to get it authenticated online - buyers will feel more confident.
  13. OK, that makes sense. She has my blue Paddington hobo on her site now. Originally, she said something in passing about paying up front for it. Then she told me she had someone she thought really wanted it. Then she told me her customer passed on it so she's post it on the site. I guess the customer passing on the bag is what turned the transaction from a 'pay-up-front' to consignment.

    I'm not concerned. I've bought from her and she's a bit flakey but I think she's honest.
  14. Honestly...I had a few that I have had since high school days...I brought them to my local flea market/ auction (huge) sold all 9 in about 2 hours w/ everything they come with except the reciept. (mom had bought for me) I hate EBay for purses and pretty much everything. I live in PA thou. By the way...this site is a dream come true...I am a newbie. :biggrin:
  15. Tags and receipt doesn't mean much when I shop on eBay cause they can get a good fake and tack the tags on. A lot of sellers do that and buyers who think that receipts and tags are good (mostly those that don't know much about identifying a real from a fake) will buy them. I ask for more pictures if I'm interested in something.