Selling to Redeluxe


Jun 19, 2019
Has anyone sold to Redeluxe? They sent me an offer and I accepted, sent more photos and now I’m getting no response. I’m emailed and messaged. It’s weird.
They now told me they misquoted me by 2000 in their favor. Okay….I was still willing to accept. They told me would send me paperwork immediately. That was hours ago - no paperwork. Hopefully somebody else can chime in because this appears sketchy.
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Aug 30, 2019
You guys have to be patient, the quote mail takes time, i did sell to them before, and everything was great.
there are 2 important things

1) the bag you wanna sell, must be the bag they are highly interested in buying.
since they are not consignment shop, they buy your bag right away .

sometimes if its the bag they dont want, they might not reply to you

once, they think its the bag they can buy from you, they send you the quote.

2) if you agree on the price and they send you the fedex label. once you send the bag to them and
they receive, they check and within 1-2days they pay to you.

it is 100% safe.