selling to Austrailia?

  1. I was thinking of giving the option when I sell to send to Austrailia. Has anyone done this? I have a guide from P.O. re. charges but is there any paperwork to complete? Is it easy? Thanks!
  2. Where are you located? I'm in the US and I have shipped many items to Australia. I have also shipped to numerous other countries as well. When I take the item to the post office I have to fill out one short customs form that has my address, the buyer's address, and the item plus its dollar amount value. That's it. It's pretty easy.
  3. Do not ever ship to unconfirmed address (Paypal) in Australia I was caught out by doing that with a Paypal chargeback, lucky it was a small item but I know eBay seller who lost a very valuable LV limited edition bag & the money of course! If the buyer has huge positive feedback i will do it but if relatively new I won't risk it anymore unless they do bank transfer.
  4. How much is the shipping? I was thinking $7.50 for a nail polish? Also, how do I put the uncomfirmed topic in item info? Thanks again.
  5. Don't know what area you are in to comment on shipping costs but you can mention that you do not ship to unconfirmed addresses in your item description or in the instruction box at the end - payment instructions
  6. Shipping to Australia is very easy, just make sure you ship to confirmed address and only accept paypal to protect you just in case
  7. You can always determine the shipping costs at USPS.COM , and the easiest way to ship, we have found, is to accept Paypal and then ship from there (easy, step by step, and all the forms are filled out on line and pirnted on your computer so you don't have to do anything at the post office except hand your package over the counter =)
  8. That's not fair because ALL Australian Paypal addresses are unconfirmed! According to Paypal, they don't have the adequate utilities to confirm addresses here! Paypal users worldwide can have their accounts verified, but only US, Canadian and UK users can have their addresses confirmed. You should defintely judge buyer's on their merits.

    You want to ship nail polish? Isn't that illegal? Not just to Australia, but worldwide. You can airmail it because it's flamable. Should definitely check that.
  9. Wow, I didn't realize that about the nail polish! What about for example, when I order a nail polish from an oline store?
  10. ^^ I don't know for sure. There's an online store in Australia that says they won't (or is it can't) ship their nail polish products overseas because of this reason. I don't know if it's true... :sad: Maybe you can ask your post office if it can be sent overseas by air?
  11. Us Aussies can confirm our bank details with paypal (i have done this) but it still sees us as not confirmed in US eyes. its really unfair

    I just email the seller and ask if they accept paypal from me and tell them to look at my feedback. The acceptance is around 70%. I prefer paypal payment and not to keen on wire transfers.

    Bidpay seems a good choice for under US$1500 if you don;t take paypal from unconfirmed addresses, but not sure what the sellers costs are.
  12. ^^ Yep, you get *verified* by confirming your bank details with Paypal, but confirming your address is not possible. How hard could it be? :confused1:
  13. Yes LB I know it is hard for people who cannot get confirmed & I always judge on merit, if a decent feedback then I will ship, should have made the post clearer sorry
  15. I just noticed you are from Australia Leanbeanee I rarely look at locations I am so sorry I hope I did not offend you. Will think more before I post again & not say anything without qualifying.