Selling tips for my Emmy

  1. Hello,

    Im new here, have been lurking for a while. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

    I bought a Emmy from Mulberry online a while ago but its too boxy for me, haven't used it at all. I'd like to sell it on eBay. What extra info do I need to add to let the bidders know its genuine? I have the receipt, dust bag and box it came in as well. It has a number on the tag as well. What more info should I display to distinguish it from all the fakes out there?

    Thanks in advance for the tips.

    IG x
  2. The genuine bags usually speak for themselves. You could mention that you're a member of this site. Get good pictures to show the grain and a picture of the receipt. Also a clear picture inside helps too. If you've a price in mind I would set a reserve too. Good luck, also for peace of mind use paypal but only dispatch to confirmed addresses.
  3. Thanks Rachiem, how do I confirm an address?
  4. state this on your auction. When they've made the payment through paypal it will state whether the address is confirmed or unconfirmed.
  5. Thanks Rachiem.