Selling questions, an old bag at a great price?

  1. Hi all,

    I tried to sell a Longchamp clutch to no avail. It was in great condition, barely used, and I took several photographs to verify authenticity, but no luck.

    I was thinking of selling other items, namely another Longchamp item (a large tote), and possibly some other items. The Longchamp tote is used and kind of dirty, but I'd sell it for cheap, $10? I was just wondering, if people find it worth it to sell visibly used bags at cheap prices, and also, if anyone has any tips for selling things successfully on eBay!
  2. My belief on selling worn, older items is that I do it true auction style. Start the bidding at 0.99 with NO RESERVE!!! That really gets bidders going. I use this for items that I really have no attachment to, and wouldn't be sad to see it go for under $20.00. If I have an investement in the particular item, I do a Buy It Now (with best offer).
    I have had serious success with the 0.99/no reserve auction. It keeps people competitive.
  3. Oh yeah, and if you're going to do it true auction style, keep it going for a full 7 days. More exposure = more bidders = higher end price (often)
  4. Pick the day it ends though. Start it so it ends on a day that people are looking at eBay. Also if you start it at 99 cents you have to bewilling to accept that one 99 cent bid if it does not get any further bids.

    I use 99 centers on all my fair bags. I have had a few woo hoos and a few boo hoos...
  5. That's really interesting guys! Thanks for the tips! I was always afraid to do the $0.99 thing, but now that I think of it, there are a couple things that I really wouldn't mind letting go for that price!

  6. I like the idea that something that's just 'cleaning house' and getting rid of a bag I'd no longer wear anyway, could turn out to be a great deal for someone who couldn't afford that kind of bag new (and will enjoy it and give it a second life)! Go for it jessi!