Selling Question??

  1. I recently had a Chloe Edith Bowler listed and the auction ended with no bidders. A short time after it ended a girl contacted me saying she had been watching the bag and missed putting in a bid prior to it ending. Of course she said she really wanted to buy the bag and offered me less than what the starting bid was. Since I would still make a little profit I agreed.
    Yesterday she emailed that she would pay half than, and the other half today:confused1: . This is all through paypal, but not eBay. My question is this, if I send her the bag do I have any protection. I guess I'm worried she could claim that it was not an authorized payment and request her money back from paypal. Is this possible?
    After I receive the 2nd payment I plan on shipping out the bag with signed delivery confirmation. Would this be enough to prove I did sell her a bag? Feeling a little akward about the situation.:shrugs: Please advise!
  2. DId you not just relist it through eBay at the time?
  3. No, she said she would just send the money via paypal. Which I also find a little odd because who in thier right mind would send money to a complete stranger for over $1000. I didn't even send a money request, she asked for my email address for paypal and went ahead and sent the first half. I do have 100% feedback and am very honest, but she doesn't know me from Adam! :confused1: Maybe I'm paranoid, but I would never send a large amount of money to someone with out proof of a purchase.
    Which is also why I wonder if she's legit, or up to something!:shrugs: She has over 200 feedback with one neg.
  4. I'd relist with a buy it now.
    Tell her you'd feel better if it was done through eBay.
  5. Sounds like some type of scam to me.
  6. most def have her do a BIN through ebay!!! That way you both are protected.
  7. Thanks for all the advice girls!!:yes:
  8. yea just relist it, if she wants it she can do the buy it now or just bid on it

    thats the safest bet since it sounds a bit weird
  9. Oh can you just relist the bag, and have her do a bin? I think that would be the best thing to do! It does sound a little fishy though!
  10. ^^ Yes you can do it through eBay this way, or get her to do a bank wire transfer or send you a postal order. That way, you get your money and she gets the goods and she can't later turn around and file a Paypal charge back, leaving you with no protection whatsoever.