Selling or not an original print mamma?

  1. I'm thinking of selling it cause it's too small for me :crybaby:

    I don't know, it's cute but I don't like not wearing it, I'm so confused.

    What should I do?
  2. Just keep it and get another one to carry around all the time!
  3. So many people want an original print mamma, so if you don't love it maybe you should give it a new home? I feel bad just having toki's laying around and not being used :sad:
  4. well, if you don't have any other original print bags, I would keep it.
  5. I too feel sad for tokis not being used :sad: I try to take each of mine out at least once a month. I want to make them feel loved. That's so weird, but true.
  6. I agree with all of you girls but it's hard, maybe I won't wear it for a couple of months and sell it.

    Me :roflmfao:
  7. there's no buying/selling here
  8. no buying or selling here!
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  13. this seems like a good time to remind you guys that do not allow any selling/buying/trading here at all.
    please take a moment to re-read the rules of this website.
    It's also not allowed via PM here.
  14. I'm not trying to sell my bag, I was only asking what should I do...


    Oh my gosh! :shrugs:
  15. if you will notice, I DIDN'T edit YOUR post.
    I edited the ones that violated our Terms of Service:yes: