Selling on ebay

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  1. Another quick question. Selling on eBay, do i pay an amount of money pr item i sell or a monthly amount of money, and can sell as much as i want to, like 5 items for 15 $ and 500 items for 15$?
  2. there's no package deal like that.
    Just set up your eBay account to have them debit the $ from your credit card or Paypal account each month.
    They'll automatically do it for you and send you an e-mail w/ what will be debited.
  3. The fee is per item.
  4. You can also print your eBay bill/invoice and send them a check each month for your ebay fees.
  5. Keep in mind that there are listing fees, like for how many pictures you want to include, if you want a 'buy it now' option or reserve price... plus there are ebay 'final value fees' which are based on how much your item sells for.
  6. check this out:


    you pay ebay per item depending on how much you start the auction for, how much it sells for, how many pics you put in, how many of your services you use, etc... when you make your first listing, you see what your listing fee is before you hit the 'make listing' button to post your item to ebay officially.

    then, when the item SELLS is when you pay your final value fee based on how much the item actually went for.
  7. Thank you!