Selling On Ebay

  1. Up untill recently if I saw a fake item being sold I would e-mail the bidder and tell them it was fake and why (those nice swinging tags etc) but now with the newer auctions taking place bidders are identified by numbers only, bidder 1, bidder 2 etc.

    The thing is these type of auctions seem to be on the fake items more than the genuine, makes me feel a little uneasy and at the same time these poor bidders are getting ripped off, what do you guys think of this new style of auction?
  2. i would put this on the eBay section of the purse forum.

  3. thank you still finding my way around!
  4. report the item and done. most know they are fake. they are banking on the buyer not knowing.
  5. Makes me sick - the fakers are still at it and the authentic sellers are driven off eBay by their new policies, what's wrong with this picture?

  6. :yes:

    (hey itsgood2beme I like your avatar...Go Bears Go!)
  7. the bidder 1 , 2 etc is on every auction of certain brands where the prices are over 200 dollars. it's not fake vs real and no one gets to choose if you're auction is like this. it's only a price thing. so if something starts at 100 dollars and goes to 500 it will switch.

    btw it is illegal to contact bidders and tell them the items are fake. even though it's very nice and i know everyone- including me- wants to it's considered auction interference and can get you in big trouble with ebay. the only thing you can do is report the auction and continnue to report report report and hope it gets pulled before it ends.

  8. Oh so how come items under $100 have this type of auction? makes no sense to me!

    Illegal to contact bidders? how strange, against e-bay rules may-be but illegal I never heard of. Is this actually stated any where?
    Id like to read the ruling.
  9. As good as your intentions are it IS against e bay's rules to contact bidders. Unfortunately even though e bay is taking(baby) steps against counterfits, they are still idiots about a lot of things. This bidder 1 bidder 2 etc... thing, I don't really see it as helping. That's JMO though. e bay is still very problematic and rampant with fakes.:s :sad:
  10. i meant ebay illegal. i'm sure it's not against the law.

    i haven't seen it on auctions under 100 dollars unless the sellers have private auctions which is a choice you can make. i was just saying ebay is automatically doing it on things over 200.

  11. Yeah agrre onit not helping much, oh well poor soles will learn the hard way I guess.

    One other downer is with not being able to see identities you got no idea who bidding against which makes me sad cos Id hate to bid against a fellow PF member, kind of makes me feel sad to think of doing so!
  12. It's very tempting, isn't contact buyers of auctions of which you can tell are fake. I've never done it due to bidder interferance, but ohhh so tempting. Or should I say Sofa King Tempting...:smile: