Selling on Ebay- Newbie

  1. Hi guys, I am considering selling some bags on eBay. I have a ton- Prada, Gucci, Fendi, etc.. I would like to recoup some money back if possible. Yet, I am terrified of selling on eBay.

    Any advice?

    I guess I could also wait until I am eligible to sell my bags on here but that is months and months away. Waaaaa
  2. Hi JudieH,
    I'm newbie too. Anyway I wouldn't be afraid of starting to sell bags on eBay right now. At least, try! I think that you must pay attention to the text (do not write I also sell Prada, Fendi, LV, etc.), put the correct description of the item and of course the pictures are very important.
    Be informative and clear.
    Then, after the first experiment, you will feel more confident. Good luck!:biguns:
  3. Hi there, we all start somewhere, so good on you for gearing yourself up and doing research. I guess there'll be loads of tips but there is a brilliant thread on here about Ebay - long but so much good stuff in there.

    I guess my first comment would be that as you don't have a record on Ebay people may be a bit wary of bidding on high end items. It might be worth building up a reputation with some small transactions, both selling and buying, to increase confidence.

    The second thing is the horrid trigger happy Ebay approach to allegedly counterfeit/Vero/trademark misuse/infringement that so many good gals here have suffered from. Again, a search will pull up lots of advice on listing (wording, reference to personal collection etc) and how to avoid being struck off before you even start!

    Take the time to think about your customer preferences - domestic only? Abroad? Anywhere? Not certain countries? Would certain bidding histories like limited or a particular amount of negative feedback be a concern? That kind of thing.

    Be super efficient, warm and fair in all your communication with everyone - even if they don't deal with you this time, you make a big impression.

    Finally from me (though there's loads more!), think about payment, being Paypal verified for example and sending to confirmed addresses only.
  4. Thank you! I have purchased a few things on ebay and I have 100% positive ratings....But I'm still a wimp!

    I actually just posted an ad on my town's website. It's only $3.99 for 39 days. So we'll see. Maybe I will be able to sell them that way. If not, I will look into consignment shops.
  5. You can try selling on Craigslist too; the ads are free.

    If you sell through Ebay, make sure to put a reserve price if there is a rock bottom price you have to sell the purse at.
  6. Thanks Sailor- I didn't even think of craigslist. I just posted an ad. Thank you!
  7. Hi- you've gotten some great advice- It took me a little while to research listings and figure out how to take good pictures but you can do it :yes: . Maybe start with one or two items first and see how it goes. Everyone here is great- very helpful to newbies
  8. Designer Girl, thanks for your input. My bags are authentic- they better be!! Like I said, I'm just too wimpy to sell on ebay, even though everyone is telling me I would make a ton of money. It's just too intimidating for me, plus I have 2 young kids, I work at home. I dunno, it just seems like a lot of work. I'm sure it's not though.