Selling on Ebay, Has Anyone Ever Had a Fake Returned to Them?

  1. I have been selling a few bags on eBay as of late. I am 1.) Paying for a new Fendi Spy and 2) We are pre-paying for all our hotels in Europe so I am cleaning out the closet of bags that are still good, but I don't seem to use anymore.
    I have only sold a few things on eBay and half of the time they end up going to Purse Forum Members! LOL!
    Anyway, I am dreadfully afraid of getting someone returning a fake bag to me after I send out the real one.:sweatdrop:
    I am therefore making auctions on more frequently copied bags -"All Sales are Final/No Returns".
    I get a lot of questions about this, but when selling a bag like the MJ stam (that I know they have a million fakes out there) I am really scared of this.
    Has "Bait and Switch" happened to anyone here or is it okay just to say you can guarentee the bag is authentic when you know it is?
    Some experienced opinions from sellers would help me a lot.:yes:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi.

    I just have a very firm No Retun policy, but then again, I have done it for over five years with no complaints. Only in one instance, did I let someone return something. I state very clearly that they need to check everything out before bidding and that there are a lot of sources to help them. If I am really unsure, it does not go on, until I am sure. If they don't want to deal, so be it. You need to protect yourself.
  3. I have sold a ton on Ebay over the years and while I have never had a fake returned to me, I would have to say that you should never issue a refund until you receive the bag back and inspect it. If it is different then what you sent out, you will DEF know.
  4. Thanks, I thought I was being a bit harsh, but then you guys are right, you have to protect yourself.
  5. Just to add to the discussion, I do know of some sellers that put on some kind of tagging device on their purses just for this purse.

    A colored zip tie or a tag of some sort, that would make switching out the bag impossible. I have heard of some UV sensitive pens that are used, that only show up in certain lightings, but I could never do that to my babies!

    Just a thought too.
  6. Trust me selling some bags was a harrowing experience for me, at first. However, sometimes it is fun, especially if it is a bag that I don't really get into anymore, but then someone else does. It is also fun having the extra money! LOL!
  7. What a great little gadget! Thanks for that link.
  8. I have sold many designer bags in the past few years and I have never had one returned to me, thank goodness. I also have a "no return" policy. But I do baby my handbags, so I have never had any complaints from buyers.

    I just bought one of those pens that only shows the markings in UV light, but I haven't used it yet. I probably should soon!
  9. I like the security tags. Those look good and I found some sites that sell the UV pens too!
  10. I don't always, but sometimes use a Tyvek ring. You know when you go to an event or concert and they put a colored tyvek (waterproof, not easily breakable) band around your wrist and you stick it together to stay on your wrist? It's that type of thing. I write on the band in the invisible ink pen (the ones that show only in UV lighting) and attach the band on an outside part of the purse where it could only be removed by cutting it off. Then, in the bottom corner of one of the inside pockets I make a mark with the invisible pen. I have a no return policy, and have had no issues, but it was recommended by other sellers who have had issues to do something like this to make sure people don't try to con you.
  11. That's a great idea...and they're even numbered, too.
  12. Zip ties, security tags, hospital wristbands.. I'm using concert wristbands that I found online that are wide enought to write on. They basically shred when you try and pull them apart, and by writing on them I make them unique. I also note the serial number or date code on the packing slip and let the buyer know that once they cut off the band the purse can no longer be returned and that the serial numbers and date codes must match up for any returns.
  13. When I ship a bag with a serial number and I am concerned about the buyer, I will take the bag to a notary. I list details of the bag and the serial number and have it notarized. You can keep the original and send a copy with the box, or send no copy. I have heard that once you accept the return it is in your hands and that is a problem.

    I think that is a good fail safe in the event of a problem. And keep all your pictures on your computer as backup too.
  14. my only return experience is with a fake bag I bought. and i didn't have to return it after the dispute.