Selling on Ebay and it is showing up......

  1. :confused1: I just placed a bag on eBay and I see the listing when I go to My eBay but I don't when I do a search. Has this happen to anyone else? Is this normal and I have not noticed it before, (I have sold many things on eBay).
  2. They are (and have been) doing their own "authenticate this" If your bag is a designer bag, it may take up to a day to show up in the search. Many times, mine don't show up for 12 hours, but some are immediate- I dunno!!!
  3. Thank you, I did mention that it is Authentic in the description, I have no problem with it being checked out first; I have gotten a fake before and am very gun shy on Ebay (buying a bag). So, whatever is done to support No Fakes is fine with me.
  4. items can take up to 24 hours to show onthe listings , for some really weird reson they always show up first when i check it on my mobile , then eventually on the computer !
  5. Yes, it can take a while and it is always longer when selling something high end, but it will appear soon I'm sure. Good luck with your sale.
  6. sometimes ebay is sucks, i have alos a problem on listing some of my lv item , it didn't show up fro 12 hrs, and itrs not fair that you are losing the time listing and same time paying for it.

    but , i will show up,

  7. You can pretty much be guaranteed that its around about 24 hours before it shows up in searches. With all the time it takes to 'authenticate', it's a wonder that all the fakes are still getting through
  8. I listed a bag exactly 24 hours ago and it is still not showing up in the search. I am :cursing:!!!!! It has always taken my auctions 12 to 14 hours on average to show, but this is ridiculous!

    What is really strange is that I had a question re the listing from an ebayer this AM... so it must have been up this morning which would have made it about 12 hours, the normal time. I can only assume it was up and then they took it down again and it hasn't shown up all day and night in the search.

    Do they even look at feedback??? Most of my feedback consist of selling and buying this particular designer.

    AND... I tried doing live help and because ebay is NOT Mac's not working. *deep breath*
  9. The designer bags I usually list show up 24 hours exactly after listing - other stuff within a few hours!

    If you list through Auctiva, your listing shows up on the page of your other 'live' listings... Thats how the other Ebayer could have sent you a question...

    As soon as its listed, you can usually get to it via the item number, but not on keyword search.

    Hope this makes sense...
  10. Bella, I don't want to alarm you, but, if it takes over 24 hours, chances are they are going to pull your listing :wtf: I truely hope this isn't the case... good luck!
  11. Okay, I need to give credit where credit is due......

    MY FAULT! :p I forgot to put the designer name in the title, so OF COURSE it wasn't showing in my search! It's been up for two days and has had a wopping 17 viewers, which explains the question from a buyer. She actually stumbled accross it.:lol: Guess that's what I get for writing up a listing after 1am and a couple of cocktails.:tispy:

    Oh well.... at least I know it wasn't ebay pickin on me.
  12. LOL :roflmfao: Don't drink and eBay :roflmfao:
  13. ^^ Lol.
    I'm having this problem too...I relisted 2 pairs of shoes this afternoon (by NO means shoes that would need authenticated). They normally show up about a half an hour after I relist (this is about the 3rd time I relisted), but now it has been a few hours and they still aren't showing up in my search. :confused1:
  14. Same thing has happened to me just today. I contacted ebay through chat and they are just hung up in queue in the search database. None of mine are high end bags, just clothing. They said it can take 6-8 hours to go through......obviously a little more when it gets very backed up. Maybe their having some technical difficulties.
  15. Ugh ok good. I was hoping it was something on their end and not something I did.