Selling old fakes on Ebay...

  1. I've noticed that there seems to be less *obvious* fakes out there on eBay these days. (i.e. less vinyl bags, less Hong Kong-based sellers with LV key fobs wrapped in plastic :yucky:)

    I'm looking into starting my own eBay "boutique" so I can sell off some of the "trendier" stuff in my wardrobe and make a little extra $$ to start investing in more classics. My question is this: I have 2 fake Chanel bags, neither of which are particularly "good" fakes. I want to unload them, and as long as I specifically state that they're fake, is it okay to sell them on eBay?

    I'm figuring maybe some teenage girl will buy them for, like, 10 dollars a pop...
  2. no, a fake is illegal and when you ship it, it becomes mail fraud.
  3. It's still a violation of eBay's policies and copyright infringement even if you say they are fake in the auction. Therefore, it is still illegal. I suggest you either throw the bags in the trash or give them away to someone who doesn't care either way. Whatever you do, don't try to sell them.
  4. I guess it depends whether you mean "fakes" as in they say "Chanel" on them, or "knockoffs" as in they are just Chanel style. I wouldn't think knockoffs are illegal, but if the bags say Chanel or have a proprietary logo on them, then I would not sell them either.
  5. strong agree!! :push:
  6. There is a compromise dont say "this is a fake Chanel bag" rather say "this bag is in the style of Ch*nel"
    Then people searching for the real deal will not find your items

  7. It's still selling a fake and that is still illegal and against Ebay's rules.
  8. Why would you even consider selling them on ebay, the way things are today? They will be yanked and you'll have to pay the fees-you will have a record of selling "fakes"-from what I read, Chanel is very vigilant-if you donate them to a place that gives write off receipts, you could come out ahead...
  9. your listing will and should get pulled immediately. just throw it out, do you really need the $10?
  10. Agreed. Just give them away.
  11. Ok, cool, good to know. I didn't realize that fakes were against Ebay's policies, since I've never sold anything on there before. However, I certainly don't want to be accused of fraud! (And yes, they're true "fakes" in the sense that both have the double-C's on them, but obviously aren't the real thing.)

    In the meantime, I'll just stuff them in the back of my closet until I can get a box together of stuff to donate to the local thrift shop.
  12. If you give them away, take a Magic Marker or laundry marker and write "FAKE - Not for re-sale" on the inside of the bag near the bottom, so it doesn't end up back on Ebay.

    Just to clarify - selling counterfeits OF ANY KIND in the U.S. is against Federal law, with enforcement at the Federal level in the hands of the FBI. Here's a copy of the law:

    US CODE: Title 18,2320. Trafficking in counterfeit goods or services

  13. I LOVE this tip for anyone who donates fakes. As I occasionally get one from friends or family members who know I love purses. I never thought of doing this before, but GREAT idea!
  14. :true: Thanks for posting this great tip!