Selling off non-H bags?

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  1. I was just wondering....for the last few months, I have been wondering whether I should sell off my other non-H bags and just stick to Hermes exclusively. I fully realise that I might end up with a lot fewer bags BUT I also find that I hardly ever use the LVs, Pradas and Tods bags like I used to.

    Question 1. How many of you girls/guys have actually considered this seriously?

    Question 2. How many of you have actually done this?!

    There is one part of me that says, "There are a few Pradas and LVs that you will never be able to afford to buy again as the prices have gone up so much."

    Another part of me says, "To h#ll with 'em. I want to use Hermes and Hermes alone!"

    Do I sound insane?
  2. Hi Eric...not only thought of it:nuts: but did it!:flowers: I found that I could not find any reason to use the other bags, so I sold them and made space for more hermes.:wlae:
    p.s....I did sell all the things at a loss, but the other designers do not keep their value as hermes does.
  3. Hand raised.... In the last two years, I've sold probably 30 or 40 LVs. What's the point of keeping what you won't wear? I sold them all at a loss, but they made some other ladies very happy. I'm all about recycling what I don't use! Go for it, if Hermes is your true love.
  4. I have done the same thing! I've sold most of my bags for Hermes!!! In my honest opinion, if they are going to just sit in your closet - why not just sell them?
  5. That is the problem...selling them at a loss. I may not be wearing them, but I don't see "giving" them away. I think I have too much closet space and if that were not the case, I would be forced to do something. I tend to look at all of them as my time capsule collection;)
  6. I've sold all my Balenciagas (18 in total plus wallets, etc) and 6 Chanels, one Prada, one Thomas Wylde and one Bottega Venetta and haven't once regretted it. It left me pretty bare, bag wise but it has been worth it. Everytime I did use one of these bags I would think about the Birkin at home so why keep being wistful? I made room for more Hermes in my closet!
  7. Eric, you don't sound insane at all!!! At least not to me!:nuts: As in the last couple of months I've sold pretty much every single LV (OK, I did keep a few very limited LVs but that's it) and Fendis I had in order to make space (and raise some funds :graucho: ) for H items! After I scored my first Hermes, I no longer was interested in carrying anything else. I used to own MANY bags and it was always "I will save a better bag for a special occasion" mentality but now I just use all my pricey bags every day and enjoy doing so.:yes:
  8. I'd sell them as long as they don't leave a void in your bag wardrobe. (for example I can't sell my small black Chanel because it's my only formal evening bag, and my teal MJ is my "going out to a bar" bag... eventually I hope to replace the chanel with an appropriate H bag, but I don't think I'd ever want ot bring H to a bar!)
  9. I've seriously considered it. Even took all the pictures, etc. But I just can't do it. :rolleyes:
    I have around 15 Coach bags from about 5-6 years ago when I worked at Coach. The quality on them is so good and the styles so "classic Coach" I know if I sold them I'd never be able to replace them. A lot of them have a special place in my heart as DH bought them for me so those I could never sell. They are also great for bad weather (they wear like iron) and for going places where you just don't feel safe/comfortable carrying your LVs or H.
    I have 3 LVs that I bought this year...a Saleya PM, a Recital and a Speedy 25. I love them so much! I won't be buying any more LV because those were the three bags that I wanted from them.
    So, I guess if I sold everything I would be much closer to my Kelly goal but I just can't do it! I'm a sentimental pack rat! :sweatdrop:
  10. I considered it... started to sell.. then chicken out since most of the items i have is limited edition LVs and Classic Chanel bags both i adore.

    However, since i bought hermes i dont seem to be able to carry any other designer bag.. so im considering it again although i know ill be selling my bags at loss.. unfortunately.. however, selling them now probably be better than a year from now since other brands handbags don't really hold their true value!!
  11. Am selling these........can't bear to part with any more for now...I hope there won't be any regrets. Thanks to all of you. I'm freaking out here. I'm sure they'll all be sold at some ridiculous loss. I just wished I took better care of the LV Damier Broadway. My ex gave it to me for my 19th birthday:crybaby:

    The beige and blue Prada was something I bought on a whim and used only a handful of times...sigh.

    The green Prada is an even sadder story - I got it because it looked a bit like a PLUME! I walked into the H store in KL, saw a Victoria, and then the Plume. And got this green thing at Prada an hour later.

    The TOD's I just don't love anymore.

    Will sell them to friends and end up with just one bag from Hermes. Please wish for me, the strength!

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  12. I love to "recycle"...although I don't expect to be doing so for much longer...I am down to very few non-H bags...

    I am not very sentimental about things...DH laughs...I "re-worked" my engagement ring three times and no longer wear it... I am sentimental about "experiences"...

    I have extreme-downsized my handbag collection with absolutely no regrets...I carry my birkin almost exclusively during my "personal" time (LV Cabas Mezzo is still perfect for work)...

    Perhaps you might start slowly...making sure you will have no regrets...
  13. Good luck Eric!!! You are stronger than me! :biguns:
  14. BTW, It might help if you think of "recycled" handbags as yours on a "lease" (rather than selling at a loss) paid for the use during your phase of it is time to turn some of them in...

    You only purchase/purchase those that you adore and plan to use for a very long time (unless of course, a trade-in is in order)...
  15. I haven't really sold off any of my bags but that is because I have a pretty sparse collection to begin with. I have two LV Epi black totes that are very useful for work...also an old Tod's Mikey bag that is very useful for events like my upcoming trip to Hawaii. Don't think I'd want to drag around my Birkin on the beach.