Selling... Now, what to buy???

  1. Hi there,

    I have just finished cleaning out my closet and will be selling some bags that I have not been using. Its unfortunate because some of these bags are not even a year old, but they deserve to be loved, and I am not loving them. I will be selling my Epi keepall, palermo gm, and LH, as well as some other LV stuff, now what will I buy with the money? I need something mono, something damier, and something S/S 08. For the mono I'm thinking trivoli in either size, petite noe, bh, bv, or neverfull. For damier, I'm thinking speedy 30, hampstead mm or gm, or duomo. As for the SS bags, I really like the pochettes, and the new black limelight. for your faves, let me know your reasoning, and enable me a bit .... TIA
  2. Tivoli GM. That is what I would get now if I could. It is very pretty but also practical as it can be hand-held or carried over the shoulder (and has adjustable straps).

    For Damier, I like the Speedy 30 or the Berkeley.
  3. Tivoli for mono, love the look of the bag and is a shoulder or handheld if you get the GM.
    For Damier i love the Trevi and the PM is a good size, again it can be a shoulder bag or take the strap off and it is a great handheld bag.
    For the s/s bags I love the new vachetta speedy. The limelight is nice, but as a clutch it just would not get enough use to warrant buying it.
  4. I agree..The Tivoli GM is really nice. In Damier, I'd pick the Speedy 30 and as far as S/S maybe an Azur pochette. Azur seems to go with almost everything. You should have alot of fun making your decisions!! Good luck.
  5. Azur speedy & pomme cles
  6. In mono , the tivoli is fab!
    In damier, the berkley!
    For s/s 08..something from the cruise collection!
  7. Mono ~ Tivoli GM
    Damier ~ Speedy 30
    LE ~ Limelight in Black

    Now you have a shoulder bag, a hand held bag and a clutch ... all you need now is a wallet:graucho:

    The Vernis French Purse in POMME would go beautifully with all three!
  8. hmm....
    for mono, the tivoli gm or one of the new shoulder bags coming out
    damier - berkeley (azur is fabulous too, but the vachetta corners are a lil much to look after) or duomo, a speedy if u don't have one (love my azur speedy - it just looks so fresh when carried)
    have fun shopping!
  9. For mono i suggest the Tivoli, and for damier i would get the Berkeley or Duomo! You should keep your epi keepall =)
  10. Out of the bags you listed, I would get Tivoli GM, Duomo, and black Limelight.
  11. Mono - Tivoli GM
    Damier - Speedy 30
    S/S 08 - Black limelight

    Happy shopping!:yes:
  12. Mono - Either of the Tivoli's. (I have the PM and I love it because of the ease of getting in and out of----and the fact it is so lightweight. Lastly because of all the compliments I get.)

    Damier - either the Berkeley or the Trevi. (I also have the Berkeley and it has become my favorite!!! No worries over vachetta, the luscious red lining, the roominess this bag has and finally IMHO, it's one stylish looking bag--all my reasons for supporting the Berkeley.)

    S/S - What about something Vernis----like the Roxbury in Pomme or the new watercolor speedy when it comes out?
  13. Thank you all for your opinions. I am leaning toward the Trivoli or the BH since I would like something that I could wear on the shoulder. I actually had the Trevi and returned it. My biker is on the way and minus the pleating I find the shape of the bags very similar The Trevi was also quite uncomfortable to get in and out of without some maneuvering. As for the Summer, I have the Azur pochette and I wouldn't do anything else in Azur because of the patina. I am considering the new pochette in the teal color, or the limelight. I'm just afraid because my SA told me that the limelight is extremely sensitive and I am looking for a summer toss around sort of bag. I was told that it its the same material as the monogram shawl but that it is coated, very thinly, like the canvas.
  14. Tivoli and Neverfull - Tivoli is the elegant bag, Neverfull the casual one. And the limelight for going out...
    Regina :tup:
  15. I'm headed to the boutique some time this week, will let you know if something tickles my fancy!!