Selling Natural City...How Much Should I Ask?

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  1. Ladies,
    I am wanting to sell my Natural City and my Truffle Besace so that I can get a City in a darker color. Letting the Natural City go b/c I wear jeans all the time and the indigo is bad for the light colored bags:wtf:

    I just don't carry the Truffle Besace:sad:

    The City has the dust bag, the box, all the tags and the Reciept from Balenciaga.

    I got the Besace on sale at Barney's so I don't have the box, only the dust bag and the reciept.

    Both have the extra tassels.

    Both are in EXCELLENT condition.

    I have a local that is interested in buying and I just don't know what would be a fair price???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. The rules up top state that we're to talk about bags that 'we're thinking of selling'.
    Please check eBay completed listings to determine an accurate price.
  3. ^^Twiggers is right, we're not allowed to talk about selling at all!
  4. Oh, sorry.

    I know I have seen girls get advice in the past on this forum?? I just didn't want to price a friend too hardcore.

    We'll figure it out ourselves.

    Thanks anyway!
  5. yeah, I would just check eBay and see what they might be going for.
  6. closing this thread- thanks! :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.