selling my purses

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  1. so i'm going to try ebay for the first time :confused1: (thats exactly how im feeling) anyway i have like five purses i want to sell but how do i know how much to ask for.
    first i have a louis vuitton croissant the biggest one.. but i added extra wholes for the strap and i dont have the dust bag or authenticity cards and its a bit scuffed at the end of the strap.
    second i have a balenciaga 07 brief in plomb good condition have the bag and the card.
    third a louis vuitton mini lin i forget the name its like a pouchette maybe it was called victoria. no cards no bag. (i never really thought about selling these bags until now so i wasn't really organized)
    a prada flat small bag. i have the card for that one
    and a gucci purse from about 10 years ago with canvas and patent no bag no card.
    any advice would be really appreciated :smile: how does one decide how much to ask for? this is such a pain in the ass but i never use any of these bags so i thought i should get rid of them and make room for new ones
  2. If you are not sure how much you can get for them, list them in an auction format and let the market decide how much they are worth. Make sure you take lots of photos, particularly of any areas of wear and be very explicit with your descriptions, inclusions and exclusions. Things like the extra holes need to be mentioned.
  3. Try eBay and watch the market price prior list your items :smile:

    Don't worry, LV never came with authenticity card. LV gives small paper work, tag and care booklet along with the bag but NOT authenticity card. I noticed the retail price of Large Croissant is for something around $550 ( I had Croissant Pochette and sold for something around $300 ). LArge Croissant still a favourite bag on eBay. Good luck with your sale :tup:
  4. thanks so much !
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