selling my pewter city

  1. hi all,
    i keep thinking about whether i should sell my pewter city. it's from fall '05. i've had her for a few months and she's in excellent condition.

    while i'm absolutely in love with the color (it's so amazing how it looks depending on lighting), i think the city size isn't *perfect* for me. it still looks great, but a part of me thinks i look better with the first/classique size... maybe i'm just being crazy.

    any thoughts about this? should i sell or hold on?

    thanks in advance!
    added a photo
  2. hey *jennifer*
    hmmm, are you using her heaps at the moment? if you're not using her alot at the moment, i reckon you should take her out more and see how it goes... but if you still find her to be too big/not perfect then maybe you should sell her and hunt for a FIRST.... OR even better KEEP her and look for a FIRST :smile: i think you should always be happy and completely in love with your b-bags... hehehe! good luck!!!
  3. thanks, helenNZ, for your message.
    well, i took her out quite a bit initially. recently, i've worn her less (maybe 1x/week at most?) recently due to the fact i wasn't really filling her up as much as desired, so she looked quite flat on me.
    i'm just afraid i may never find a first! :sad:
  4. *jennifer*, is it basically the size of the city, or the pewter colour that makes you considering selling it? If you love the colour, maybe a first would be a better choice - depending on how much stuff you normally carry around. What size is your "perfect handbag", if you have one? It could also be that you don't feel comfortable with the shape, the flatness of the city. Then, the first would give the same impression - only smaller - and maybe you should consider a boxier style, like the twiggy?
  5. the color i absolutely love. nothing compares at all, imo.
    i have bags the size of the city and no issues with them. i do tend to be more comfortable with small bags (LV pochettes/speedy) and some medium bags (ex. MJ blake)... maybe it is the shape...
    i should be getting a twiggy from a fellow PF member so i'm hoping that works out.
  6. i LOVE LOVE the color you have. if i were you i wouldnt sell it. its a beautiful color i have been looking for it everywhere
  7. baby boo, don't i KNOW^ !!!
    the pewter is the best metallic, let alone color, balenciaga has ever made imo. it changes shades subtly by angle and also has this hint of a pink to it that gives it great depth. ahhh! decisions, decisions...
  8. I think it's a fantastic color and probably would not sell it at all if it were me. Pewter cities are so rare. If you do decide to sell her, I would get the classique first so that you can do a side by side comparison and really be comfortable with what you want to keep. Last thing you want to do is sell it and then buy the other and not like it as much. Then you'd have seller's and buyer's remorse!

    Good luck!!! It's such a gorgeous bag!
  9. Do not sell that beauty! My City is almost always flat too (I don't keep much in it) but I actually like that slouchy loose look. The leather is well-suited for that. I'd be in heaven if I were the owner of that pewter!!!
  10. balenciagaLove, my bf actually recommended the same thing. he actually finds the color really "distinctive" (that's the word he used, lol) and wants me to keep it! he's always like, "ANOTHER bag?" yet now... how ironic! :huh:
  11. i have the pewter first and i absolutely love the color even though it is a little small to use everyday, imagine if they came out with a pewter purse!!! ohmygod i think i would kill for one of those.
  12. fayden, a pewter purse would be really nice. practically perfect!
  13. Don't sell it! It's beautiful :heart: I agree with BalenciagaLove - see if you can track down a pewter classique first, then compare the two and sell the one you don't want :smile:
  14. yeppers, i think that's good advice too...wait to try & find the same color in a better size & then decide...i have the twiggy right now & as much a i love it, i wish it could hold more stuff...i'm going to keep it though & think about getting "the day" :yes:
  15. I translate that into him saying that he wants to buy a pewter first for you! :graucho: :yes:

    Good luck! It's absolutely beautiful!