Selling my new damier speedy 30 for......

  1. I want to sell my damier speedy 30....i love it but i REALLY need a shoulder bag.....

    What should i get then...??

    Im thinking a Neverfull MM(or PM),BH,not sure......Need help guys !!

    Yes i am 100% sure i want to sell ! :yes:
  2. I vote for BV/BH! Sad to hear about the Damier Speedy, though...I love Damier!
  3. Ph
  4. This is gonna be such a tough choice....but i want a more structured bag now....
    Its really down to a BH or Neverfull people! hahahaa..
  5. Between the 2, I definitely prefer the BH...just seems much more sturdy to me. And TONS of people love that bag! I don't think you can go wrong with it...
  6. So you want an open top shoulder bag ... I'd go with the BH ... or the beverly mm maybe?
  7. you want to go with mono instead of daimer? do you think you maybe like mono canvas better in general...if not the sayla pm in daimer is nice
  8. I vote BH all the way!!
  9. Yup i want to get a mono piece.....but like i think im gonna visit the LV store on friday and see all my options......and maybe try the bags soo i can better see what would fit my lifestyle,but im loving the BH at the moment.
  10. I would definitely get the BH! I think that's going to be my next bag.
  11. I think you should get the BH... it's a popular bag here on the forum. :yes:

    Good luck with the decision and sale!
  12. Bh!!
  13. Thanks guys! :biggrin:
  14. Have you also considered the Popincourt Haut?
    Between your choices I'd definitely say the BH.
    Good Luck!
  15. go for the BH