Selling my LV MC Speedy 30 and LV MC Theda any suggestions?

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  1. I have a beautiful LV MC Speedy 30 and LV MC Theda, that I purchased over 2 years ago. I have never even used my Theda. I really want to sell them, but selling on e-bay is out of the question due to the fact EVERYONE sells fakes. Mine are absolutely 100% auth. and I will guarantee authenticity by offering triple money back. But because I have had them for so long I have no clue where I have placed the receipts. Any suggestions on selling them or what I should even ask?? Thanks Girls!
  2. Hmm. You can take several pictures of the bags and send them off to My-Poupette, and for a charge of five dollars she will send you an e-mail of Authentication. Take a screen shot of the authentication e-mail, and post that on your auctions. People will feel more comfortable having them authenticated. Especially since Vuitton boutiques no longer do in-store authentications.

    Maybe, if you call the Vuitton stores that you made the purchases in, they can give you a copy of the receipts?

    Also, for our own enjoyment, take pictures of your bags and post them on the purseblog!! :P
  3. yeah, the LV store will still have your name in their computer system.. its a sad day when you decide to sell your LV pieces! :sad2: i would keep the MC Speedy 30! :biggrin:
  4. Its not too sad:love: I have been contimplating for a long time now, and I still have the Monogram Speedy 30 and also the monogram mini looping. Which I will probably never get rid of. But my MC Speedy is so darn heavy, I just never use it.:cry:
  5. Selling on ebay without a receipt is not a problem, just constantly reiterate the fact that your items are 100% authentic, guaranteed. And when I say constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY, word it differently though.

    Here's some more advice:

    1> take LOTS of pictures. Take pictures from every angle of the bag, the interior, the sides, all the stamps/engravings, the hardware, etc. Make sure your pictures are big so people can see the details.

    2> describe everything in your own words. Don't take stuff (aside from measurements) from eluxury and put it in your auction, that deters buyers away from the authenticity of your item

    3> never use a stock photo from online sites.

    4> make sure your item description is organized and not all clogged up. If you make it easy for buyers to read then you have kept their interest.

    That's all I have for now if I think of more, I'll post them. Good luck!!
  6. wow I have always wanted the theda !! Is it the GM .. you are soooooo lucky to have one .. I nearly once traded on another board for the mono GM one but decided against it at the end, after many members had noted how hard they are to get into etc ... but I have always love dthe bag and wished I had done the trade :smile:
  9. oooh ranskimmie, you're killing me here! :smile: those are the two mc bags that i am in love with! if i had unlimited funds i would so buy them...booo!
  10. Definitely post bigs! I'm dying to see what they look like in "real life!!!!!"
  11. Just wondering, what do those bags typically go for on ebay? I'm an ebay noob and haven't tried to sell a bag there before. Do people generally get a favorable price for their goods?
  12. I'm so worried about accepting returns on e-bay because I'm worried that they'll send me back a fake bag, and my authentic bag would be gone. When I sell a bag, I include the original receipt, and say no returns.
  13. oh fair enough if you don't use them :amuse: but i wish i could buy your MC speedy 30 off you! I'd give it a good home! :biggrin: good luck aye! :nuts:

  14. ranskimmie, are they white or black MC?
  15. Hi there!
    They are both white MC.