Selling My Diorissimo Pochette - What Is A Reasonable Price?

  1. I've decided I am going to sell my orange and beige Diorissimo pochette (probably on eBay as don't have enough postings/fb to sell on here). As beautiful as it is, I just don't use it so I am making myself sell it (it's HEART BREAKING! :sad:)

    Anyway, I'm unsure how much to sell it for. Obviously, I would like to recoup as much of my money as possible. The bag is still on the Dior website for 245 GBP. Is it unreasonable to want 150 for it?

    Some info about the bag: was purchased in January 2006, so 2 years old. It's lucky to have been taken out 5 times, absolute fab condition. Still have the carrier bag, receipt, C.C receipt and all the other crap I got with it when I bought it from the boutique.

    Would appreciate any thoughts! :tup: I just feel that people on eBay ( will be unwilling to pay this for a little pochette as I continually see them paying the same amount for large (fake) Gauchos! :confused1: Crazy, crazy...
  2. I think you should put it up with a Buy It Now price with your dream price for it, and leave the Best Offers on to see how much people are willing to pay if no one hits the BIN...some of the Best offers might be in your acceptable range. I think its the best and most useful way of selling on eBay these days.:yes:
  3. Try to have it both in and ebay uk, it will have a better chance of being sold. Depending on the condition, a starting price of 80 pounds sounds reasonable... let us know what you decided!
  4. That's probably the best idea to be honest, I would be willing to accept lower if no one took the plunge with the BIN! Thanks for your opinions guys, I'll probably list the bag that way! :tup:

    EDIT: My friend actually suggested the opposite - have a higher BIN (say, 200) then see if anyone makes me an offer of the 150 or thereabouts! Sneaky lol, but I know alot of people do hit sellers with a "lowball"!