Selling my Chloe Baby Paddington on Ebay

Mar 5, 2006
Hi! I thought I'd mention this here, I know I can't post it in the marketplace yet because I'm new, but I'm an established ebay seller with 100% positive feedback, seller name fashion_junky, so please check out my auction for my authentic Chloe baby paddy! It is the Jean's Moyen color and I bought it from Browns London.

I have the regular size in sable too, so I decided that I need to sell one if I want to get another bbag!
ranskimmie said:
Is that the light or dark blue?

It is lighter than the blue nuit (which was a really dark blue from a previous season). It isn't super light though...and it has a very very slight grey tone, very pretty. I posted pics in the showcase thread if you'd like to see them, and you can also see the size next to the regular paddy, because it photographed it with my sable.

I just thought I'd let you all know first that I am planning to lower the price later today to $1100 if it hasn't sold. I didn't think I'd let it go for such a low price but I am eager to sell it, I need the money (too much bag shopping since Christmas!). Anyway, PM me if you are interested and I will give you this price including free shipping :biggrin: