SELLING my brand new Chloe Ava bag.

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  1. read our rules before posting again.
  2. I don't think you are allowed to sell on here, unless you have special access to the Sale Forums.
  3. :death:No selling on this forum!!!!!!
  4. I guess there are no mods around at this time...:tdown:
  5. Sorrrrrry, I'm new! I just read the post and I'm too new to have access to the Want To Sell but i REALLY want to get rid of this bag!

    I can't believe you're still trying even after people were nice enough to tell you it's not allowed!
  6. You have to have 500 or more posts and be on the forum for a certain amount of time. I think there is a thread somewhere that gives you the details.
  7. Yes, you can only sell on tpf if you are allowed access in the MP. They have rules and information explaining everything you need to know!
  8. You can always list it on e-Bay,it's a great bag and a great price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.