Selling my bags

  1. Hi,

    I am not fishing for offers but I really wanna know how I can sell some of my designer handbags?

    I e-mailed about marketplaza access 3 times with no reply so far!
    I put them on e-bay but this is my first time using e-bay and I have no feedback score so it will be hard!!!

    I am trying to make some money for my new Chloe purchase!!!

    Any other ideas???:idea:

  2. Have you tried consignement shops?
  3. or trading assistants in your area. you can search ebay for them.
  4. Do you mean online consignment shops?? Do you know of any good ones??
    I am in Canada BTW!
  5. You ought to build up your feedback a little then sell the bags, If you bought some small things this would help your feedback which would give confidence to would be buyers of your bags.
  6. Do you know off hand how much they charge?
  7. I'd try eBay anyhow if I were you.

    Just a word about our MarketPlaza, continuing to e-mail/apply won't really help.
    You have a very low post count and Vlad and Megs really like tor eward contributing members.
    Maybe add some substantial contributions here{?}
  8. They are on e-bay, so we'll see what happens!!!

    E-Bay sellers/ trading assistants take at least 30%..I'll wait on that idea for now!
  9. I was completely new to selling on Ebay when I ended up with two Anya Hindmarch Carker bags (long story involving romantic and lovely gift from husband and furtive credit card bashing in Harrods:shame: ). I sold within moments of posting and for almost the full price. I think it is definitely worth a shot and consider offering a complete refund policy if the buyer is unhappy, be quick and honest answering questions, friendly and decent in all communication and you may well find you are on your way to a series of bag exchanges!

    Since I dipped my toe in the ebay waters, that has certainly been my experience. Treat others as you, a keen but cautious handbag customer, would be treated and things may well happen!:yes:
  10. Depending on what you're selling, ebay could be a good bet. But if it's bags that are often faked and if your feedback is low... well it might not sell as people will think they are fakes... :Push:

    As for consignement store... I remember reading somewhere that there was a really good one in Toronto. I think it had to do with Rainbow.. or it was next to a store with the name "Rainbow" in it..... Sorry I'm not helping much I just can't remember :Push:

    Oh and maybe if you were more specific about your handbags the tPF gals could give you ideas or places where to sell? :shrugs: I'm no expert when it comes to selling I'm afraid :P