SELLING MY BAGS - Maybe you can help me!

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  1. can someone help?

    other than ebay, or maybe google are there any other places where you can sell designer handbags?

    i have sold some of mine on (toronto classified), but some of the better ones i think i would get a better response with people that actually know what quality is & authenticity is.

    any suggesstions???

    p.s. (this site doesn't count - hehehehehe)

    would much appreciate any help as this is the first time i am selling anything, i usually just give things away to charity! but, i'm finding it sort of hard with such expensive bags! ( i know it's bad, but what can u do) :crybaby:
  2. hm, maybe local consignment stores? honestly, other than that, I can only think of ebay.

    i tried the consignment store thing but honestly, I think that their cut is too large, but maybe that is just my local one. you could shop around, I am sure in Toronto there are lots of places.

    good luck!
  3. Unfortunately, I think your options are pretty limited. Consignment stores won't get you much money, and craiglist gets you folks who don't really understand designer bags and their high cost, as you point out. Another option I'm thinking about is consignment shops that specialize in high end merchandise. Still, you'll get at best 1/2 of what they sell the items for. The only other recourse I can think of is private sale (like to a friend who admires your bags). My friends are clueless about designer bags, so that's a no-go for me, but maybe your friends are more clued in?

    Bottom line, I think ebay is still the best bet.

    Good luck!
  4. If you're in Toronto...definitely stay away from stores like Ex-Toggery where they sell tons of fake bags and yours will get lost in the shuffle. They actually once sent a $450 LV MC pochette to charity after I dropped off a whole bunch of stuff because they "weren't taking in LV at the time". Can you believe it? They didn't even call me to ask if I wanted it back! I will NEVER deal with them again.
    Small plug- I'm actually starting an online consignment store for Canadians to buy and sell authentic high-end designer bags as we don't have anything like that here that specializes in bags only. It should be up and running in about two weeks at the most. If you'd like more info, PM me.
    Also- there are a few people on Ebay who specialize in being Trading Assistants, so you don't have to worry about all of the hassle. Look them up for Toronto, that might be a good compromise...?:smile:
  5. There are other fashion boards that have marketplaces to sell your designer goods through (most members typically discourage fake items so you'll be in good company).

    Examples: honestforum, makeupalley's fashionswap board
  6. wow that sounds amazing. That is great of you to do something like that :tup:
  7. wow, thanks guys for all the help! =)
  8. where are going to be open and how much will u charge?
  9. Bumping a 6-year old thread!?!?