Selling my bag?

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  1. I purchased my first Coach bag in August and I love it but it's a little too high maintenance for me and I'd like to get at least most my money back to put towards a different bag. I looked on eBay but they aren't selling very well (my bag is the one in my avatar). It came with a gift receipt but I can't find it now so I can't take it back or anything (I have the tag...just no gift receipt). Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Well, I really think that is more of a spring/summer bag and you might have better luck on eBay in the spring. It's a beautiful bag and I bet people will be looking for it next year. It wouldn't hurt to try eBay just use Buy It Now at the price you want for it. Or you could try Craigs List.
  3. ^^ agree with girluvscoach, also you might have better luck after its been out of season for awhile and people who missed out are hunting for it. Your bag was at the outlet recently so it may take awhile for the demand to go up.
  4. You can post this in the Ebay forum, too, and the ladies there might be able to give you some help. Be careful about talking about selling your bags on here and getting into specifics, though, as it's very frowned upon by the owners and mods :flowers:
  5. ooops, please don't also post in our eBay Forum, we don't allow topics to be posted more than once.

    I wish you luck! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks :smile:
  7. I'm actually waiting for a few more weeks to put things up on ebay - I'm hoping the traffic will increase as the holidays are closer.
  8. just wait so you can get the price you want for it rather that sacraficing price to get rid of it...
  9. If you have the tags and you haven't used it you don't need your receipt, you can still return it for store credit. :yes:
  10. sorry, I had to stress that part.
  11. Everytime I have sold a bag I've lost so much money that I've decided now to just keep them all.
  12. I have used it...

    I'm going to keep it, after looking at it more it's got too much wear (which I'm highly annoyed with...see my other post), I wouldn't feel right selling it, especially since it wouldn't get anywhere near what I paid for it :sad:
  13. Hi. Put it up in the spring.
  14. This is great advice. When it comes to selling our bags on eBay, we should sell each style in the appropriate season, just like clothing and handbag designers do!
  15. Oh, when you said you couldn't find the receipt so you couldnt' take it back I assumed that it was still new :confused1: