Selling my Avery... what to get next?!?

  1. So I bit the bullet and put my gorgeous luggage Avery on eBay... I love the look, but it just hasn't been utilitarian enough for me. Although contrary to what has been said about the leather of the spring Koobas, I thought it was one tough cookie (but then again I barely used it, but didn't baby it when I did and it looks as good as new). And after browsing eBay, I see there are a lot of Averys that aren't selling which makes me a little nervous...:sweatdrop:

    Anywho, I want a bag that is a little smaller, similar color, can be worn on the shoulder, and is another beautiful Kooba, because now that I'm giving one up (hopefully!), I need to replace it (of course!!).

    Anyone have any recommendations??
  2. I just got my Kelsey in Java from Revolve and I love it!! It's just the right size and I love the double handles with the buckles on it. What color is the avery that you bought? ;))
  3. I would go for the Charlie. Or wait for the Fall bags and try one of those. Let us know what you decide. :smile:
  4. How about a Nicole or a Paige? They are just a teeny bit smaller than the Avery, in my opinion, and they look like they don't need to be pampered.
  5. Hi, I am new to this website. I see that you are selling your Avery and I would like to buy one. Is there anything negative about the bag that I should know before I buy it.

    Thanks so much!