Selling more than one of the same item?

  1. Anyone have experience selling different sized items of the same brand/style?

    The reason why I'm asking... I want to list 3 different things but don't know if I would be hurting or helping myself by having them run and end at the same time. Would people still want to bid if you have a small, med and large of the same item running concurrently? Would I be better off just listing them one at a time and letting them end before listing the others?

    Any words of advice or comments (from buyers and sellers) would be much appreciated!! :flowers:
  2. If you have three different sizes, then I don't think it would hurt at all - if it was the same item in the exact same size, then you might dilute the sales a bit. :yes:
  3. ^ I agree. As long as they are diffenet sizes. If they were all the same size/color, they would compete with each other and you won't sell them at a higher price.
  4. Agreed - I can't imagine someone being interested in more than 1 size!
  5. Thanks for your comments! I'll try listing them all together and see how it works out. :flowers: