Selling mini (black caviar rhw) for a reissue 225/small (black calfskin rhw), am i crazy?

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  1. am i crazy for wanting to sell a hard-to-come-by mini to fund a reissue?

    my workhorse is the reissue in black with ghw, size 226. i do wish i can fit alil more in my current mini, but i'm afraid that i'll regret selling her. i will be using the reissue 225 as a weekend & crossbody option.
    i'll be grateful if anyone is willing to share pics.

    keeping the mini & buying another reissue is not an option.

    please let me have your advice?
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  3. Don't take the 'hard to come by' as a criteria to hold on to your mini, if in your option the reissue 225/small fits your needs better, toen go for it! Buy/keep wat you want and need, not what others like to bus/have. I can totally understand your resoning as I'm thinking about the same :smile:
  4. +1
    I agree. It is more of what you like and what you will get to use more :biggrin:
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  5. * so sorry for all the spelling mistakes, I replied on my ipad and didn't change my language preference, so auto correct had a blast even though I thought I was alert enough to notice mistakes!! I'm now on my imac, but can't seem to find the edit button.
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  6. Here are some pics of my 225s. The 225 is my most favorite seize of the Reissue, and it's very close (in seize) to the m/l flap. Not too big, not too small. I love that it doesn't look bulky when carried cross body. I rarely use my 226 cross body, but love that it fits a ton.

    I'm not sure whether you have a square of rectangular mini, but I also took a comparison of between my 225 and square mini for your reference.
    I love both my mini and 225, so I'm not sure what to advice you. Good luck with your decision :smile:

    hyu.jpg lkj.jpg
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  7. Not crazy at all! I love reissue how it's been so understated. If you heart tells you to go for a 225, agree with other poster that you may not want to keep the mini just because it's "hard to find". Good luck deciding!
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  8. thank you... it was a very helpful post.
    are you happier with a 226? or is a 225 still on the list?
    does everthing in the 225 fit in the sqare mini?
    hope to hear from you. TIA :smile:
  9. hi, i'm hoping 225 fits more but i do love the strap length of the mini.
    you are considering one of these bags too, how is your decision going?
  10. thank you for the awesome pics!!

    my mini is the rectangle.
    does the 225 fit more than square mini? could you please let me have your insight on the capacity of both bags?
    thank you so much... ❤
  11. Hi, I agree with the earlier comments, get what you intuitively know you will use more. Don't worry about resale or hard to get as you want something that makes you smile every time you use it, and you want to use it. Is it an option for you to go to a store, wearing your mini, and try the 225 reissue? You will know straight away. It's tricky as I recently bought a 225 reissue and went back and forth on it as the FA said the 226 was more popular, there was so much commentary about the 226 being the perfect size. But I am petite (re short!) and every time I put it on I felt like I was going to work! I still want a 226 but it will be a day bag, whereas at the time I was looking for a weekend/pm/smart cas bag. If it's possible I suggest you try them on in-store as this makes a world of difference and may make the decision easier.
  12. I can definitely fit more in my 225 than my mini. The 225 holds my L-yen wallet comfortably (not so the mini) with a lot of room to spare (phone, sunglasses, make-up, keys). It won't fit an Ipad mini, but a 7-inch tablet fits just fine. My 225 is actually also roomier than my m/l flap and old medium Boy. Also. aged calfskin "gives" more than the rigid caviar leather, which also helps.
    You won't regret buying the 225 :smile:. It's multifunctional and goes seamlessly from day to night. If you don't carry everything and the kitchen sink with you, the 225 should serve you just fine.
  13. This is an old thread, but just wanted to chime in that I am 5'8" and the 225 looks more elegant and feminine on me than the 226. I also got that "work" vibe from the 226 with certain outfits, which was not the look I'm going for. Hth!