Selling LV

  1. If I ever (heaven forbid :smile: ) wanted to sell one of my LV's (later on of course), how do you recommend? Since on eBay I would not be a MP seller, how could I go about asking someone else to do it? or suggestions?
  2. You don't need to be a MPRS to sell LV on eBay. If I were you, I would try it myself on eBay.
  3. i would usually say that you should just list it yourself on ebay...but right now, ebay is cracking down and removing listings for lv items (even authentic ones). everytime i list my bag for sale, they take down the listing and insist that it's a fake (when i know it's real b/c i purchased it myself at lv and i have the receipt!). it's so frustrating. maybe you could try consigning it, but i've heard that they take like 50% of the sale.
  4. ^This is depressing, although I know it's for a good cause. I really want to sell on ebay, but I'm SO scared because it'll be my first time actually selling on my own. If I don't end up doing it, I'll probably go to someone like Fashionphile (she takes about 35%, though, but it's better than 50% like most consignment shops).

  5. This is totally off topic (sorry, OP) but I find it sad that they remove authentic bags (I've had mine removed couple of times as well) but so much garbage is still on eBay that is clearly FAKE!:hysteric:
  6. I would just list myself on ebay. i have listed lv on ebay and not had problems.
  7. You should be able to list it yourself, just provide plenty of nice clear photos(watermarked so people don't steal them.) which will let prospective buyers see that your bags are real.
  8. I read another great tip here: if you sell your bag, put a tag on it (the kind that wraps around and sticks to itself, sort of like a hospital bracelet) and make clear that if the bag is returned, the tag must be attached. This can help reduce the risk that someone will buy your bag and try to send you a fake one in return. HTH!
  9. I had same situation- the real one had be removed and now I can't even post them. I guess I give up to sell my LV on ebay, so anyone knows other second sites that I can sell LV? TIA!!!
  10. I have sold 3 LV's on ebay, with no problems, just take lots of pictures, & guarantee authenticity, with a money back option.....
  11. ick. OMG! This is getting ridiculous.. I'm terrified to sell my bags on ebay, getting switched and baited or whatever.. having your real bag yanked off for a fake, man, what's a girl with an authentic bag collection and additional LV desires to do:sad: :idea:
  12. ^done that, still be pulled.:crybaby:
  13. I do like the money back option, I try to stick with sellers who have that, therefore I would probably offer the same thing...:idea:
  14. As long as you take enough pictures and have a good description, it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't feel comfortable selling yourself, you could consign it. Carol Ives (Caroldiva), who does authentications, also takes consignments. She takes 15% of the final selling price if she takes the pictures, and 10% if you provide the pictures, plus ebay and Paypal fees.
  15. ^ thanks that's what I want to know...