Selling LV to fund another bag?

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  1. Hi to everyone. I've recently sold my speedy 30 in DE (started to crack) and Montsouris mm (bought pre-owned, but didn't like it), so now I have funds to buy something from LV.
    My recent collection is:
    1) Alma pm griotte (use it very rarely, mostly for going out, just feel like its way too flashy...)
    2)Noe epi fuchsia (rarely use it, mostly for traveling)
    3)Alma bb quetsche (too small for me for everyday use, but great for clubs, dinners, bars)
    4)Neverfull mm mono (rose ballerina) (use it almost everyday, i like easy access and it's very comfortable for my shoulder)
    5)Speedy b 30 mono ( not comfortable for me on shoulder, rarely use strap, started patina and i'm not sure i like it).
    I can't stop thinking about black epi bag. I tend to like brea and cluny mm. I originally wanted noe in black , but they discontinued it and by the time I was there there was only 1 left - fuchsia. I wear lots of blue clothes, beige, brown. I have some black too.
    I can't understand if my collection is wrong, since almost with every bag I've some kind of problem. Do you think I should sell something (and if yes, what?) to fund a bag? Which should I buy to be comfortable and set?
    Sorry for such a big post. Thanks to everyone who finished reading it and I'll be happy for any suggestions.
  2. maybe get rid of the speedy as well since you don't like the bag and the patina? you should get rid of anything that doesn't make you happy when seeing/ using it!
  3. Maybe. I have love/hate relationship with this bag. I use strap sometimes, when I need hands-free option, but it's not that comfortable for a long time use. I almost never wear it cross body. I used to think I love patina look, then I got montsouris mm in preloved condition and could not use it, maybe it wasn't my bag. Or maybe I'm that kind of person who likes the idea of patina.
  4. i barely use the speedy b as cross body. usually handheld and only on my shoulders if i have to carry other things hand held or my speedy is too heavy. why don't you try using your speedy this week and seeing how you feel about it at the end of the week. do you think you'd be sad if you got rid of it? maybe you can get a speedy b in damier ebene instead so you dont have to worry about patina
  5. Yes, I'm leaving country for vacation and I packed speedy , I will have sometime to figure out if I like the bag or not.
    What do you think of other bags I have?Should I get rid of some of them?It's just a feel like I don't use them very often and I feel guilty. I mostly use NF, but sometimes i wish it was GM size....
    I hate that LV discontinued so many nice bags! I almost like nothing they have right now..
    What do you think of brea?Would it be ok for me?

    Thank you for your kind replies.
  6. Sell all, excluded the never full,
    buy black epi you like,

    so you have an daily use bag, and a special bag for the not daily use.
  7. Thank for the reply.
    I'm not sure I can sell them all...I'm not ready for that. For some reason the thought of selling alma pm and noe makes me cringe LOL Maybe I will get there. Plus there is no need to sell them all to fund brea or cluny, I need to sell just one, since I already have money from selling montsouris and speedy .
  8. then definitely dont sell the alma pm and your noe. how do you feel about the alma bb? i definitely think you should try to use them all more often since you feel guilty about letting them sit. i do like the brea.. do you like structured bags like the brea? also, it is handheld with a strap like the speedy so i'd be concerned you might not like it either
  9. I only like alma bb for going out, like night life, but I don't really go out that often. I can only use it for special occasions, otherwise I feel uncomfortable, because I always need a bottle of water with me, a scarf or a sweater. I really enjoyed taking alma bb for night out, I could dance like crazy wearing it crossbody! But for daily use...My full-size wallet won't fit without maneuvering it all the time...
    I love the look of noe a lot, but this bag is only great when it's filled up with things, otherwise it's shapeless...but when its filled up it's very heavy and heavy bags with 1 strap don't work for me for some reason.
    Alma pm is a great size, but it's for the times when I dress up. It's much better than alma bb for daily use, but I would not take it for nights out, its too big and no strap option, unless I buy it, but its still too big.
    NF is great for everyday use, sometimes I wish I had GM size and old version, but I use the pochette it comes with, but not that often.
    So I'm trying to figure out is it me having wrong bags or I'm just way too picky?
    I'm not really looking at selling noe and alma pm, I won't get my money back for them at all...If i sell alma bb, what would I use for night out (those 2 nights i go out in a year haha). I'm just so lost. I wish I got answer...
  10. I love the Cluny! I think it's beautiful and classic. I don't have one, but am considering it. Another thought...since you like your Neverfull so much, have you thought about getting one in black Epi for another everyday bag? Or one in DE to replace your Speedy? Or a petit Noe in black Epi? I'm not sure if that one has been discontinued, but it's still up on the U.S. site.
  11. Thank you for helping me out.
    I did try Neverfull in epi at the store once or twice, but I didn't feel in love. Maybe I should look into that because it looks like it's not about being in love with the bag, but using it comfortably.
    I was thinking of Neverfull in DE, but I don't want this cracking and peeling issue with it.I've heard it's common problem...
    I'm not fan of petit Noe. I bought it once, returned it 2 days later. It looks beautiful by itself, but I find this shape very awkward, I like how large Noe looks like, thats why I just can't let it go...I love looking at it, I just wish it was more comfortable for me. I used it maybe 10 times and 5 of them were traveling purposes...maybe I should try using it on daily basis.
    What do you think of it?
  12. I don't see many Noe's out in public, but from pictures, I prefer how the large Noe looks on most people. I think it's a beautiful bag, but I think for me it would be too large for everyday (I sold my Neverfull GM for this reason). But you're right about the petit Noe, sometimes it looks to be an awkward size. As for selling your bags, I'm all for it! I've sold a few of mine (NF GM, Speedy 30 and 25, Totally PM, and Turenne PM) for various reasons, but mostly because they weren't working for me. These bags are too expensive to be collecting dust, and if I can sell them and use that money towards a better bag for me, I will! At this point, I'm working towards hopefully buying bags I will keep for a long time because I know they are functional for me as well as classics.
  13. I'd keep the alma bb for those nights you go out even if it's for 2 nights a year lol. Since you barely have a night life I'm sure the few nights you do go out you don't want to be uncomfortable with the wrong kind of bag you have to worry about.

    I think the first step should be deciding on selling the speedy and simultaneously trying to figure out what kind of bag will suit all of your needs so that you don't end up with another bag in your collection that yore not completely happy with.
  14. How do you know what bag will work for you? I can't figure this out. I can only tell after using it for a while...

    Why did you sell Turenne pm?I like the look of it a lot, I'd probably get mm...Last time I was looking at this bag I picked NF mm. I still like it though...
  15. How to figure this out?For a long time (like a year or so) I've been keeping eye on brea mm. I tried it at store but didn't buy it because of this strap it comes with...It was just slip over my shoulder...I still can't forget this bag for some reason. Do I need this? lol
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