Selling LV on ebay & accepting paypal

  1. Hi,

    I like to get some advice in regards to selling LVs on eBay and accepting paypal. I occassionally list a few of my personal LVs but having a hard time getting bids because I do not accept paypal. I have heard too many horror stories about switch and bait or buyers making paypal reversal for claiming to have received a fake. I know that some sellers attach a securtity tags to their purses and not accept any refund without this tag BUT.... if a buyer files a paypal claim or reversal, then wouldn't the seller loose both the purse and money if paypal favours the buyer?

    I must also say from a bad experience of receiving a fake LV, paypal favoured the seller also which is also very unfair.

    What is the best way to protect yourself from those few dishonest buyers? Also, how can you place a security tag on a wallet?

    I appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you.
  2. Good question, I've been going back and forth whether to sell my pap. This thread will hopefully help me make my mind up.
  3. Throughout your auction, look at the bidder's feedback and if it's someone you don't feel comfortable selling to, cancel their bid. State in your auction that you won't sell to zero or negative feedback bidders.

    Also make sure you always ship to confirmed addresses under the paypal account.

    Hmm that's a tougie regarding the security tags on wallets...
  4. i like paypal. its easy and almost universally accepted, it is comfortable to most ebayers.

    in your auctions, make sure to state that you DO NOT take returns. State that you ONLY ship to paypal confirmed addys. (the only 'safe' way to go)
    using something like the security tag is a great idea- if you will take returns, you identify it as yours. if you don't take returns and paypal makes you take it- it is a way to identify it as 'not your's.

    some sellers use bidpay.

    my first and only transaction with bidpay was a good one.

    i bought a coach mini skinny and then got all happy about the fab price i just sccored on the eBay forums, and the members got all weird on me. Like she was a bad selller, or a fake seller, and no one would say anything conclusive. but i was skeezed and was advised to back out of the transaction.

    i tried to cancel the payment i had just made through bidpay immediately. Bidpay required me to write them an email explaining why i wanted the money back and made the seller and i communicate. it worked out well for both of us in the end,and supposedly bidpay takes your history with them into account when it comes to disputes.

    I won't say that either is perfect, but i will say that there is so much good and bad to paypal that i don't have a whole lot of faith in them any more.

    on the other hand, i will always accept paypal b/c it makes the buyers feel comfortable and safe. its recognized and fast. keep your reciepts and be cautious. if you are not comfortable with the eBay game, don't play. abstinence really is the only safe way!
  5. and other online credit card payment gateways are a good alternative option, because buyers still feel the security of paying you with a CC (vs. sending you a money order, which feels like blindly sending cash), and if you pair it with a listing partner like Andale then the Ebay checkout will automatically redirect the customer to your CC checkout page via Andale. I did that for while because I hated PayPal, although eventually I started accepting PayPal again - but strangely, some of my buyers still pay with the CC without PayPal since I now offer both options