Selling Kooba on EBAY

  1. Hey guys..I'm pretty new to the Purse Forum [well for posting...i've been observing for quite awhile] and I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thing to ask..but here goes. I bought a few extra Koobas at the sample sale last week and I want to sell them on eBay. I was just wondering, what should I take pictures of to show that the bag is authentic. I've taken pictures of the outside of the bag at different angles, the interior w/nameplate, and the tags/dust cover. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey you didn't happen to buy a bourbon Jessie, Sienna, Jillian or Paige did you?? :graucho:
  3. take pictures of the zipper from a side view VERY IMPORTANT :smile:
  4. I think you have it covered. Just include a side view of the inner zipper as Slush stated.

    What all do you have to sell? Us Kooba Lovers in here probably account for a large portion of eBay sales...LOLOL
  5. Thanks guys for the tips. I think I captured the zipper from the front, but I will try to get a side view and post that tonight.

    I currently have a Jillian in Sand on EBAY...but I also bought a Jillian in Bourbon and Sloane in Black. I love the Sloane as an everyday work bag...but I'm thinking of selling the Jillian Bourbon. I'll let you guys know if I do decide to sell it.

    Thanks again for your help!;)
  6. Hey much did the Jillians cost at the sample sale? I would die to go to one of those. I would have bought them out.
  7. I got my Jillians the last day..and they were 10% off so with tax, I got 2 jillians for $341 which comes out to about 170 a piece. A GREAT Deal..right!

    Next year...I'll be better prepared funds-wise and try to buy more bags.....My Kooba budget was pretty low last week...I had recently bought a Paige from Revolve, an LV denim Baggy PM and YSL Muse!
  8. Hi ladies,

    not trying to hijack the post or anything - but I am also selling my black sloane on ebay and I am worried about authenticity issues too since I do not know what to highlight - help!!!slush - you stated the "side" of the zipper....the actual edge or the side with "kooba" on it??? My bag has been on there for three days with two watchers and no bids! I am going to freak out-i am having all these visions of people looking an not bidding because they are afraid its not auth. and I got it from the sample sale!!
  9. No, the side meaning you show where the zipper pull goes from thin to thicker.
  10. Oh! - Thanks - I will do that too - I am trying to sell my frankie....and i had no idea either.

  11. thanks for the explanation - i will do that...i hope it helps.
  12. I'm watching a Frankie. It must be yours. If I buy it, then I'll be selling my Jessie Bourbon on ebay. I think satchels suit me better:yes: . I've been busy at work so I keep missing all the great deals:crybaby: .
  13. Hi, I'm new to the thread and have developed an appreciation for Kooba recently! Just curious -- did anyone buy a Kooba Charlie bag at the sample sale and has it currently posted on ebay? (I'd prefer to buy from someone on this list).

    Also, I wanted to know what your feelings were about the quality of the leather used for Kooba bags. Around the time when the Sienna first came out I talked to this woman at Neiman's who had one and loved it, BUT the dye on one side of the bag appeared to have rubbed off or faded, which scared me off for a while (for $600 I don't want my bag to fade!). Do you think this was a fluke?


  14. I've got a slew of Koobas in varying leathers and never have I had colors fade on them. I have heard it's happened but I think it is more isolated. I guess if you wore your bag tight under your arm on a hot day, your perspiration could make the dye transfer to your shirt and maybe over time it might fade. I've never had it happen though because I don't wear bags that sit that tight under my arm.
  15. Thanks, KoobaQueen! I feel better about buying one now...oh and just to let everyone know, Saks is doing a friends and family event today so you can get a Kooba for 20% off if you can't find the style you like on Ebay. I'm not a rep for Saks btw.

    Happy shopping!