selling international question

  1. If my buyer is international (I'm in USA), do I have seller protection if I request signature required (over $250) and it's trackable. I've heard there is no seller protection for int'l with paypal, even with those two requirements , is that true? Is the only safe way bank to bank tranfer?
  2. Only addresses in the US, UK, and Canada can be confirmed, so if you are sending somewhere other than those places, the address is not confirmed and will not be protected by Paypal.

    Yes, I have heard bank transfer or Western Union is probably better.
  3. Selling internationally throught paypal you should put in your auction that you only accept paypal from confirmed addresses. Adressess in CANADA, US and UK can be confirmed -its worth adding that bit to your auction as not everyone is aware that their countries do not have confirmed addresses.
    Any other countries ask for bank transfer. Open an account which is just for bank transfers which has no facilities or anything attatched to it!
    When you send the items out make sure you use signature delivery and send the item within 7 days of the buyer paying to be covered by seller protection!
  4. ok emald beat me to it!

  5. You are covered internationally if you sell to people in the UK and Canada subject to the fact that they are Paypal verified and have a confirmed address. Unfortunately Paypal does not confirm addresses in other countries at present. You must also send the parcel so that it is trackable and signed for - insurance is really a must!!!
  6. ^
    I sold to Austrailia recently and she had a confirmed address ?!?! :yes:
  7. yes, insure for the full value, customs should be the responsibility of the buyer.
  8. thank you for the good thread.

    Can you please tell me if i have any protection if i accept a western union payment and the buyer is in taiwan?
    Thank you
  9. lady chinadoll you dont need protection if you accept western union!!! The buyer has no protection as they cannot file a claim or do anything once the money is sent.
  10. ok - thank you Designermummy!

    I was worried I would sell her my authentic item and she could return a fake to me.
    So I'm ok?
  11. With western union and bank transfer there is nothing a buyer can do! As with paypal they are covered by their card protection and paypal seller protection. So a buyer has to rrust the seller to send out the item, for the item to be authentic and the condition as described! The risk is all on the buyer!
  12. Well if thats the case I feel much better - thank you!
  13. I would never pay a seller I don't know at all with western union or bank transfer. So you will probably lose int'l sales from all countries where paypal verifies but doesn't confirm addresses.
    But as a seller, you are safe. All the risk is on the side of the buyer.