selling in marketplace attn: mods

  1. hi
    I was thinking about selling a few bags in the market place, but noticed i wasnt able to. I met the 75 post req, but can someone tell me when i will be a member for a month? is it MAY 1st -tomm-??

    I emailed vlad, but he never got back to me :sad2:

    someone help?
  2. You joined on April 16th, just 2 weeks ago ;)
  3. oh man, its killing me LOL
    I have a fendy spy to unload and a choco balenciaga GAHHHHHHHH!

    thanks :smile:
  4. LOL! Once you're settled in here, doesn't it seem like you've been here forever!?
  5. are we not even allowed to LOOK in those sections anymore?
  6. Just keep posting! You only need a few more! ;)
  7. That's strange actually because I was able to access the marketplace up until now. Is the restricted rule new?
  8. Must be new - I was just there this morning, and I bought 2 bags this week. The old rule was you couldn't start a new thread until 1 month and 75 posts. Wonder why they changed it?:sad2:
  9. i too have been able to view the marketplace- until today. now it says i'm not allowed. =(
  10. I don't really get it - it's not like people are sending cash or anything - you pay before you get your bag. Oh well..................
  11. Me too! It's crazy! So I need to keep posting too???