selling in auction format with BIN

  1. Hey all,

    I am selling just a few things on ebay, but would like to know how to add a BIN price to my auctions. I read that you can do this with 5 feedbacks if you accept paypal payments. I have 6 feedbacks and when I go to create a listing I don't see the option for anything but starting and reserve prices. Please help.

  2. I think you have to list them at the start as a fixed price auction to put on a buy it now price. Not sure if you can change to that format once the item has been listed.

    You could always put a revision on your auction adding that if anybody wants to buy it now to contact you?
  3. when you begin your auction do you get the options of starting either a fixed price listing or an auction listing? you should be able to do a BIN even in the auction listing, i do it all they time. it might be a bug, if you can't get it to work i'd contact ebay about it.