Selling help!

  1. I am a new seller to eBay trying to sell Hermes.
    My problem is this... being new to eBay I have a limit on my account for how many designer items can list at once. I opened a store hoping I would be able to list my items in it, but I still cannot put Hermes in the title of more than two of my store listings. Until I figure out what to do I just left the Hermes name out of the title.

    no one may post their eBay ID or auctions here.

    Any ideas?!?:confused1:
    Is there some way to work around this? Can I somehow send Ebay proof that my items are authentic? What do I do? I can't sell anything and build up my feedback for selling authentic if nobody can find me:sad: HELP!
  2. Well, my first question for you is why did you pick Hermes to sell if you are not already an experienced eBay seller?? It seems like a HUGE risk to run because of the amounts of money you have put into the items you are selling. Are you fully aware of all of eBay's policies? Are you sure you are taking the steps to protect yourself against buyer/bidder fraud?

    I will tell you (as an established Hermes seller myself) that items without the brand name in them will just not sell. And if a potential buyer does see your listing, she's probably going to assume something negative right up front since it doesn't say Hermes in the title which is the most important place.

    Look, I know listing restrictions are frustrating, but you just have to work within them and either not list all those items at once, or do what you are doing, which I don't think is going to work.

    Sorry I can't give you more definitive help, but this is just the latest thing in eBay's ongoing fight to stop people from flooding the site with fakes and/or showing pics of the real thing and then just disappearing with people's money. I'm sure you can understand that fraud is rampant, and they are just trying to protect innocent buyers.

    If you really need to find a way out from under items you have extended yourself to buy, then I would suggest enlisting the help of a trading assistant or reseller who specializes in Hermes.
    Good luck!
  3. I am selling Hermes because Hermes is what I know...inside out. I carry Hermes and love Hermes. I understand things will take awhile...I actually also have quite a few other items to list.... I am trying to build up my name myself without using a reseller and would never over extend myself. I am just frustrated and am trying to find some way to work with this.
  4. You just have to be patient. I don't sell Hermes but I have been a active ebay seller for 7 years and actually make a living off it.
  5. Hermes items are so expensive I would be really weary of buying an item from a seller that did not have too many previous transactions AND had a large stock of such an expensive brand. Also, PayPal Buyer's Protection only covers up to $250 if the seller has less than 50 feedback... so I think you should start slow anyway, this way more buyers will feel comfortable buying from you. Good luck!
  6. maybe you should build your fb buy selling other items...I as a buyer would never buy from a seller who has low fb or has never sold before
  7. I agree. Especially something so high-end.
  8. well i wouldn't even try to list anything hermes without hermes in the title. i would say for now only list at your selling limit and allow yourself to build up fb and a reputation. i've seen your listings and your things are nice and way over retail. i get that but it might take a while for you to command such high prices. i agree with the others about listing other things in the meantime and building your fb and gaining credibility on ebay. good luck!
  9. ^^ Great advice - be patient, work with other products too, build a reputation for amazing customer service and probably you will manage to get to the point where you can sell Hermes effectively.
  10. Thanks everybody for your advice:heart:.
    I guess I just need to be patient. I was so excited to start selling on Ebay that I got a bit impatient when nothing happened. I didn't understand how much feedback mattered:blush:
    While I don't think I'm going to list any other brands (I don't feel like I know enough about any other brands to try to sell them) I am going to try lowering my prices until my selling limit has been raised. I figure if I sell a couple of lower price Hermes items...and even take a bit of a loss on them... it will be better for me in the long run.
    Trust and Saftey on Ebay has told me that after I sell only a couple of items my limit will be taken off :yahoo:

    NOW........... JUST NEED TO BE PATIENT :whistle: