Selling handbags to your friends...?

  1. Hi, what experiences have you had selling your handbags, at your own garage sales or to friends? Does it work? My friends wouldn't want to pay so much money for my handbags. I live in a place where it is difficult to do eBay. Any suggestions on how to sell?
  2. Where do you live, are you actually in Mexico?
  3. You are not too far from Chitzen Itza, are you?
  4. I am actually in Mexico! Yes, near Chichen Itza. In plastic handbag land -- me with my Celine, and my Vuitton, and my Fendi...
  5. I only know Merida from vacationing in Cozumel, and I love being in your area. You must feel pretty isolated when you can't just jump in your car and shop like you want to. I can't seem to sell my bags to my friends....I just use them until I don't love them anymore, and then I give them away.......but they are not top-of-the-line designers....just mid-range bags.....Cole Haan, Maxx New York, etc. My girlfriends don't share my excitement for toting around a great bag....but they love getting my pre-loved ones!!
  6. know what you mean - I seem to be one of few in my group of girlfreidns that cares so much about my bags - I would love to sell them on but not sure how much I could charge for them. I'd rather eBay them to a loving new home.

    My taste in bags seems to be bordering on the large and expensive and not many of them understand why/how I can pay so much - But then again I don't drink alcohol and I see them down quite a bit of cash at weekends so personally I feel that is my justification.

  7. I usually have my daughters come and look through a pile of bags I've already decided I can part with when I need to "thin the herd". What they don't take I'm saving up for a "friends only garage sale" this spring..... my friends all seem to be just as nuts about bags as I am- and of course, like C. Rose, I only offer up the less expensive bags.
  8. i did some times, my friends might not be as nuts as i am. but honestly, they started to get infected by me LOL
  9. maybe the google checkout
  11. It's difficult selling to friends. You don't want to charge them too much because they are friends, but then again, there was a price you were hoping to get. Also, if you know your friends' financial situations, that's even harder.

    I haven't sold anything on eBay before, and after joining this forum and reading all those horror stories, I'm afraid to. I looked into consigning my items this week and found out consignment stores take 50%.

    After you have been a member here for a while, you can apply to join the Marketplaza and sell to other members.
  12. Like others have said, it's difficult to sell to friends. They're secretly hoping for a bargin, while you're secretly hoping they'll overpay your asking price because you're friends. Best to try ebay, in my opinion.
  13. I have sold some to friends at a fair price meaning...some loss to me but if she wants to compare prices, she won't have any complaints against me.

    Sometimes I even earn profit if I bought it at a reduced price and resell to them.
  14. btw, may i ask why is it hard to do ebay in ur place?
  15. I took mine to a consignment shop-then didn't like that there took 50% of the sale. So I took them to a Snappy Auction place where they do all the work and then keep 38%. I can't be bothered with all of the hassle and friends would be shocked at what I spend on handbags.:smile: