Selling for the first time =(

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  1. Hey everyone! I have come to the decision of selling some of my things because I NEVER use them. I am clueless when it comes to selling on eBay, so my friend said they would help me. I hardly ever use my burberry duffel, pochette plate GM and epi seller dragonne clutch. I am serious I have never used them. Well I used the burberry duffel twice I think =( I'm going to put the money towards something I know I'll want.

    So what should I replace all this with?

    Olav MM
    Balenciaga Men's Day ( I am really falling for this), I think in a few months I'll have either one of these, maybe both!

    I know I said I would never sell but, I get no fun out of them =(
  2. I know Mike. I feel you on this. I too am going to sell my first and ONLY Louis bag to fund another one that I LOVE..
  3. Thanks Mr.Duck for this pic!

    Or the Olav MM

  4. Its not that I want to sell them.. it's that I have no use for them =( It's kinda sad
  5. Why don't you save your money instead? I have to admit, I am too much of a fan of twigger's CyC-thread.

  6. where's the fun in that :rolleyes: If I'm loosing things from my collection I want to replace them =)

  7. Thanks!! I would use the marketplace but I don't want to look retarded lol
  8. I think you should get the Olav, but that's only because Balenciaga bags aren't my style so they're not as attractive to me as the Damier design of the Olav. Let us know what you end up getting!
  9. Men's day...Balenciaga is MAJOR!
  10. In a month or two I will def let you know what I get! Hopefully next month!
  11. HAHAHA, I was looking at the men's weekender too! But I think its going to be the day!
  12. I do like that Bal - it would look great on you! Sorry that you feel you have to sell - Good luck to you with that!
  13. I tend to sell bags and accessories that I notice I do not ever use OR if I want to fund a larger, more special purchase! Good luck with selling on eBay, its actually pretty fun!
  14. LOL! Seriously! saving? what's that? :yucky:

    We think alike!