Selling fees - Ebay AND Paypal?

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  1. I sold a bag recently on eBay, and upon recieving my funds, paypal withdrew 23.82, which i assumed was the finals sales fee or whatever that eBay charges. However, I just got my invoice from eBay and it says i owe them the same amount??? Do I really have to pay the additional fees or is ebay screwing up?
  2. No you have to pay both! eBay charges you listing fees and a FVF if the item sells. The ebay FVF is calculated based on the selling prices, not including p&h. Paypal fees is calculated on top of the ebay fees, and it includes the p&h you charged.
  3. Paypal and eBay are two different entities and their fees are completely separate. For example, if you sold something to a friend (not through ebay) and they paid by Paypal, that is the Paypal fee you saw deducted. But you can sell on eBay without the buyer paying with Paypal, so that's what you see for the eBay charge.
  4. Yep, get's expensive. That's why I use a fee calculator. I work my prices backwards so I make sure I make a certain amount on each sale. Sometimes I have to give in and accept a loss.

  5. Good point - it's easy to forget about fees when you are pricing an item. Usually my weakness is underestimating shipping costs.
  6. The worst is the fee for store items. I am debating selling my stuff over the next yr an closing my store. I got it as a place to put my inventory that does not sell.
  7. thanks guys for all your help!

    yea... i guess next time im gonna have to calculate all these fees as well. here goes MORE money lost on my sale :crybaby::cursing::shrugs:
  8. Are you sure the fees deducted fropm paypal weren't credit card fees?
  9. yea, those pesky fees add up to quite a bit... :sad:
  10. hi what is a fee calculator and how can i use it thanks so much!
  11. I had the same problem too when I began listing my Kipling bags on eBay. After some time, I started to charge higher shipping and bidders were wondering why so much.

    However for "big" customers, I'll go down to the post office to find out the actual fees and then work backwards like what noshoepolish said. They are always willing to wait the additional few days to save the combined shipping and both sides are happy.
  12. I don't know if this one is accurate but this is the one I use. It at least gives you the ballpark idea:

    Just watch to see if they adjust the calculator for the fee increase the end of the month or whenever it is...
  13. I make up appx numbers to put in the box.
  14. Noshoepolish! thanks a biillion for the calculator! that's killer! how do you pay your pay pal fees though? they didn't take it out of my auction.
  15. If you look at your paypal account (sign into paypal) - on the right side where the funds are displayed, it's there.

    What I like to do is imagine the most and least I might get for an item. I put those numbers in to figure out the cost.

    Then I take the original price I paid, add the sales tax I paid, add what amt I would like to make on the sale - profit, and add the fee and make that my starting price.

    For example - a charm: I paid $30 plus 1.80 tax
    I want to make $5
    I figure I am going to start at $40 and hope the bid goes to $50 (put that in the calculator - shipping est $5) - fees about $5.16 plus any additional fees for gallery, BIN, Reserve, etc...

    So I would start at 31.80+5+5.16= about 41.00 or so.

    Remember this is an estimate. There are other calculators that will do the ebay fees with all the added costs like BIN, Reserve, gallery, etc. You can hunt around for one you like.